Pooter Points or PP is one of the currencies in the game that you can use to unlock sex scenes with your crewmates. In this Subverse guide, we are going to walk you through how you can get more Pooter Points or PP.

The Pandora section of the ship is where you can spend these points. The more exotic the sex scenes the more points you are going to need in order to unlock them. When you first unlock the Pandora section of the ship, you will have single PP and will need to earn more in order to unlock the lewd scenes in the game.

Getting Pooter Points In Subverse

The amount of PP you have is different for each character. In order to earn more, you will need to use the specific character. Each character has its own abilities that you can use in missions. Completing missions is going to increase the devotion of the characters along with XP.

In Subverse, you will get PP for each devotion level that you earn. So the more you use a character in the game the faster you can increase their devotion level and gain more PP. This will allow you to unlock additional sex scenes.

You can check the level of devotion in the locker room. This is how you can earn more Pooter Points in Subverse.

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