Over the past few days, we have heard rumors of a March 25th announcement from Rockstar Games to reveal GTA VI. It held very little weight because reports and rumors like these are in abundance online and so far, not one has proven to be accurate.

However, an interesting development took place earlier which gives some weight to the March 25th announcement rumor. The Grand Theft Auto 6 domain got updated on March 23 and it no longer redirects to the Rockstar Games website. Usually, this happens when a website is ready to launch, for those who don’t know, same happened before the reveal of GTA 5.

If you visit gtav.com, gtavii.com, and gtaviii.com it takes you to the official Rockstar Games. Until now, gtavi.com did the same.  This is a very interesting development and one can only hope that it does bring us some sort of news regarding Rockstar Games’ next title. Another interesting detail is that the domain’s nameservers were pointing to Munich, Germany. This is odd because all other Rockstar domains are usually pointing on the same server in New York. However, the GTA VI domain is no longer pointing to Munich, instead, it is now pointing to New York; another indication that the website is ready to launch. But as always, take this information with a grain of salt,  this may turn out to be nothing, fingers crossed!


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