Monster Hunter World Safi’jiiva Siege Guide

Monster Hunter World Safi’jiiva Siege

In the world of Monster Hunter, the Safi’jiiva Siege is known by several names such as the Red Dragon Siege or the Mature Xeno’jiiva Siege. This Monster Hunter World guide will be focusing on everything that you need to know about the Safi’jiiva Siege, including hunter requirements, monster mechanics, rewards and so on.

Monster Hunter World Safi’Jiiva Siege

For gaining access to the Red Dragon Siege, you need to complete certain tasks. Firstly, reach Master Rank 24 or higher where you will obtain access to the Guiding Lands. Next, you also need to complete a few special assignments which are given to you by the NPCs who have purple exclamation marks above them.

Assignments include the Sterling Pride and Reveal Thyself Destroyer, which involves defeating the monster Rajang and unlocking the volcanic region of the Guiding Lands. You will then need to complete the special assignments across the Lost Path and the Point of No-Return where you will have to face the Stygian Zinogre.

This will also unlock the tundra region of the Guiding Lands along with the Recon Mission, where you will get the initial glimpse of the Xeno’jiiva’s adult form. Once these assignments are completed and you have spoken to all the relevant NPCs, you will then be able to take on the Safi’Jiiva Siege from the Gathering Hub.

Safi’Jiiva Siege Goal

The main goal is for you to slay the Red Dragon in the Secluded Valley, through the combined efforts of all hunters within the Gathering Hub. Any player familiar with the Kulve Taroth Siege will have an idea of what to expect here. The mission is designed for multiplayer and playing it solo can be exceedingly risky, although not impossible. It is recommended that you play it multiplayer to ensure more fun and less stress. When you and your fellow hunters are ready, your entire Gathering Hub will join forces to slay the dragon.

The Hunt

Each Hunting Party will be divided up into groups of four and depart on the hunt as normal. During the hunt players will need to drive Safi’Jiiva from one area to another.

This is executed by dealing as much damage as you can to the dragon, breaking its body parts and using the environment to deal with large amounts of burst damage. In reaction to this the dragon will call upon its ability to drain energy from the environment and heal itself. This means that Safi’Jiiva cannot stay in the same area for long as it will eventually exhaust the energy supply there and will need to move.

So the main strategy of the Siege is to corner the monster and get it to a point where it can no longer drain energy, which ultimately leaves it vulnerable enough for you and the other hunters to slay it.

Every time a body part of the dragon is broken, energy is drained from an area. If a Research Task is complete, whether it be by your hunting party or an ally’s, players will be notified and receive points towards the overall siege’s progress. The more points you get, the more you will advance in the Siege. This can be tracked before departing on the Siege, by talking to the Pub Lass in the Gathering Hub under the Safi’Jiiva Siege sub-menu.

Ultimately, the more tasks you complete during the Siege, the more rewards you will get at the end of the hunt. Remember though, that it might take multiple attempts for you and your hunter companions to complete this mission.

Useful Tips

Here are some bits and pieces of information which will help you through the Siege.

If you change Gathering Hubs via changing lobbies you will lose any Siege progress upon joining a new lobby’s Gathering Hub.

The Siege ends when one of your hunting parties, has slain Safi’Jiiva. However, it does not finish straight away. For example, if you are on a hunt and an allied hunting party slays the elder dragon, a notification will appear on your screen to inform you. It does not interfere in your hunting mission in any way. You can fight on and earn the rewards for your kill.

In the circumstance, that you fail your hunt, the Siege will still be counted a complete when you return to the Gathering Hub. You will still get rewards but these will be reduced rewards.

Safi’Jiiva Mechanics

When it comes to fighting the elder dragon, she is more than just a similar version of Xeno’jiiva. She does share some of the moves of her infant form, but she has much more in her arsenal. To give you an uncomplicated overview of the Siege, we will cover each of the three battle areas in turn.

Area #1

Here you will time to get used to the dragon’s attacks and moves. Some of her attacks are:

  • Swipes Attacks from the front claws
  • Tell Swipes and Slams
  • Hind Leg Attacks
  • Bite Attacks
  • Breath Attacks (uses sparingly)
  • Xeno’Jiiva 2.0 (it is performed by knocking her tailor forelegs in the ground to cause massive energy eruptions, which knock players in the air and deal a great amount of damage)
  • Delayed Breath Attack (for this move the dragon charges her breath for firing but doesn’t do it immediately. Instead she first tracks down a player and then unleashes it directly upon him.)

The Delayed Breath can be tough to avoid but you can break her line of sight or use the Superman Dive to escape it.

The Clutch Claw Attack will tenderize any body part of the dragon in one go regardless of what weapon you are using. Make sure to use it before you begin your assault.

In this area you will find two hanging rocks in the NE and NW corners, which you can bring down upon Safi’Jiiva by shooting at them.

There are also environmental traps around the southern outer edges of the zone, that have vines that can be used by a hunter to trap the dragon to limit its movements and attacks. The dragon needs to be close to the vines for this to work and you also need to do a good deal of damage to the dragon here to make her trip and get entangled in the vines.

Area #2

Once you have damaged Safi’Jiiva enough she will move on to the second area.

You will mostly be facing the same attacks as mentioned previously but there will be a few new additions. These are:

  • Safi’Jiiva’s Ire
  • Sapphire of the Emperor

The Ire consists of the dragon focusing all its attention upon a single hunter. Other hunters will also be hit during this attack, but the brunt of the damage will fall on the particular hunter. You will be notified about which of the players has the Ire through a pop-up message and when the dragon’s eyes turn red. This will cause a red line to appear between the dragon and the targeted hunter.

There are two ways by which you become the target of Elder Dragon’s Ire. Firstly, if you’re the person who is causing her the most damage. The second way is if you use the Clutch Claws Flinch Shot after another player has the Ire. This will turn the Ire on you.

There are certain benefits of controlling Safi’Jiiva’s Ire. The longer it is active the more energy is used up by the dragon, which speeds up the ending of the Siege. If the Dragon’s Ire phase runs out and you are unable to maintain it, she will become much more deadly. So try to keep her Ire for as long as you can manage. To do this just keep attacking her when you get the Ire. If you do enough damage the Ire will maintain for even longer.

A tank is desperately needed in this phase of the battle. A hunter performing the Tank role, preferably with a shield, will allow you to keep Safi in place for long periods. Resulting in a maximum amount of damage for the dragon and much less for the other hunters.

Another useful info to remember about the Ire attack is that if you are playing the role of the Tank, and get too distant from Safi, then it will start making use of more powerful attacks like a Command Grab that will damage you greatly. On the other hand, if you are too close to the monster as the Tank, then it uses AoE based attacks that affect your entire hunting party.

The most effective weapons to use as a Tank are the ones with shields. The Lance, Heavy Bow Gun, Charge Blade, Great Sword, and Gun mounts are highly recommended. Also, use the Guard Up Skill as you need it to block every one of her attacks.

In case you do not have shield-bearer in your party, you can still have other hunters as Tank. Evade Tanks work well like Bow or Bow Gun users who will be able to keep the Ire up quite easily while dodging the dragon’s attacks.

Counter Tanks can also work played by Long sword users who can counter Safi’s attacks with their slashes and foresight slashes.

If you have no weapon that can Tank, then having a player taking a Temporal or Evade Mantle will also help you maintain the Ire during the Hunt. When you intend to be the Tank with the Mantle, then just attack Safi with a Flinch shot to get her focus on you as more likely you won’t have enough DPS to attract it automatically.

We will now move on to the details of Safi’Jiiva’s Sapphire of the Emperor Attack. This ultimate move is a slow casting AoE that will one-shot any Hunter caught by it. There is only one way to avoid this powerful one-hit move, which is by using the environment.

The floor of Area 2 is covered with crags jutting from the floor. When you see the dragon flying in the air it indicates two things: either she is moving zones or she is ready to perform her ultimate move. When you see her take to the sky, sheath your weapon and prepare to run. She will spray down blue flames that will cover the whole area. This will slightly slow down all the players, but would not do any damage. You will have only a few seconds while moving through the flames to take cover, as the flame-spewing will soon unleash the Sapphire of the Emperor.

It is a slow-moving star that falls and hits the ground causing a massive blast that destroys everything. Except for the crags and the hunters standing in their cover. You can also make use of your controller’s vibration to know if you are safe or not. If the controller stops rumbling if you are behind a crag, it indicates that you are safe and won’t be hit by the move.

Area #3

This area is the one where the battle becomes the toughest as here you have to go for Safi’Jiiva’s head, and she won’t be making things easier. The hunters will have to face all her attacks from the previous zones. She will be focusing on and using her powerful moves more often than she does before.

She will also go into a critical state during this battle, as the energy flows within her. This is notable, as the hit zones of the dragon will become weaker allowing you to deal more damage. A message will also be indicating this state along with her body pulsing with white energy. She will become extremely dangerous at this point in the Siege.

Another main change in this area is that the crags that could be previously used to avoid the Sapphire Attack, will also be destroyed in it. Although they would still give you protection while they are intact, by the end of the blast they will disintegrate. This limits the number of times you can take cover behind them, which forces you to finish the fight as quickly as possible before they are completely gone, leaving you exposed to the Sapphire Attack.

However, during this final battle, Safi’Jiiva will struggle and will use her Fiery Breath Attack in desperation, resulting in boulders falling from the sky which act as makeshift crags. Another unique thing that happens in Area 3 is that when the Sapphire Attack is cast for the first time, the zone will open and gas will start to seep into the atmosphere. These gas pockets can be ignited to cause massive damage to Safi’Jiiva.

Safi’Jiiva’s Weaknesses

Knowing the Elder Dragon’s weaknesses can help in the preparation for the Siege, as it allows you to build or use weapons to counter her attacks. Her weaknesses are similar to its infant form. Dragons have a 3-star weakness rating in the game, which means that the Elderseal works well against an Elder Dragon. It will suck the energy from her depleting her energy supplies, forcing her to suck in the energy from various zones more quickly.

Ailments are also good weapons to use against the Red Dragon, with Poison and Blast being rated 3-stars, Paralysis and Stun as 2-stars and Sleep as 1-star. Another way to bring down the dragon quickly is by mounting her so you can include this info to your arsenal too.

Now Safi might be weak to various ailments, but she can also inflict the hunter with certain blights which include Fire Blight and Dragon Blight.

Safi’Jiiva Siege Rewards

When you have brought down the mighty Elder Dragon, then you will justly want to claim your rewards. There are three aspects when it comes to rewards which are as follows:

Monster Material Rewards

You get these right after you have beaten Safi’Jiiva. If you want a certain part or material, then you need to break the body part related to it during the Siege. For example, if you want a Following then you need to break the dragon’s wings to obtain it.

Dracolite Rewards   

When you return to the Gathering Hub after the Siege and engage the Pub Lass into a conversation, depending upon how the Siege went, you will receive various rarity Dracolites. These are upgrade materials that you can use on the final set of rewards.

Awakened Weaponry Rewards

Depending on your performance in the Siege, you will gain access to a variety of Awakened or Relic Weapons. The choice of weapons is random but you are guaranteed at least one weapon that matches the weapon you used in the Siege. For example, if your weapon of attack was a Bow then you will at least get one Bow in the options.

All the stats on the weapons you get to take with you are the same, depending on the kind of weapon you choose. The same type of weapon has the same stats. The only difference is the Elements, Ailments and the Awakened Ability on the weapon. It is recommended to choose a weapon that has the Element or Ailment that you desire, as the Awakened Ability can be changed later.

Once you have the weapon of your choice, it’s time to go to the workshop and add in some Awakened Abilities. You will need to talk to the Smithy, which will get you to the Upgrade Gear option. There you can use the Dracolites you earned to upgrade the weapon. Witch each level you will be given a choice of free Awakened Abilities to apply to the weapon you have upgraded. You can have up to five Awakened Abilities on your weapon.

You can also choose to not apply the Abilities if you don’t want to or if they don’t meet your preference. To do this you will need to select the option of Store Potential. Doing this will give you a better chance of getting a higher or rarer Ability the next time you level up. This allows you to build your weapon with the only limitation being what type of Element or Ailment you started with.

The Max Level of the Awakened Ability can go up to Level 6. You can only have one Level 6 Awakened Ability on a single weapon. Also the set bonuses you can have on a weapon, for example, the Nargacuga Essence, does not give you the full set bonus. It only serves as if you had one piece of the set. So you will need to wear two pieces of the Nagacuga Armor to get the full bonus. Remember that you can only have one set bonus Awakened Ability on a weapon.

One final tip related to the Stored Potential option, is that if you take an Awakened weapon into the Safi’Jiiva Siege, the weapon will store up energy increasing its store potential level as you progress through the Siege. So this is one way to storing potential in your weapon without having to use the Dracolites. These weapons will be some of the strongest arms in the game and will also allow for even more builds.

There might also come a point in the reward gaining process, where you already possess all the weapons you require. You do have the option of leaving behind the unwanted weapons you receive, but you can also take these to the Elder Melder and get them converted into Dracolites.

Safi’Jiiva Armor Set

If you have completed the Safi’Jiiva Siege enough times, you will be able to craft the Safi’Jiiva Armor set. These are strong armor sets that come with a ton of useful skills. They also have strong Elementals resistances and comes with strongest set bonuses in the game like the Dragonvein Awakening or the True Dragonvein Awakening. The set bonus will activate when you draw your weapon. It will also change the appearance of the armor and on top of that, it will increase your Affinity, Elemental Damage, Ailment Damage, and Build-Up. However, there is also a negative side to this as you will take damage with each of the hits that connect with the monster you’re hunting. The lost health can be recovered once you have hit the Monster enough times.

Safi’Jiiva Palico Armor

You can also craft the Palico Armor which is quite able but its most distinct feature is that once you enter combat it will cause your Palico to sprout wings from the back, so your furry little companion appears a bit more threatening.

Here ends the detailed guide of the Safi’Jiiva Siege. It will surely assist you in understanding your mission and enjoying it more fully. If you need more help with the game check out the Monster Hunter World Wiki.

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