Tailraider Signal in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion is a Palico Gadget that you can use in order to call a grimalkyne. With the help of our Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Tailraider Signal Guide, you’ll be able to unlock the new Palico Gadget in the newest expansion.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Tailraider Signal

In order to unlock the Tailraider Signal in MHW: Iceborne expansion, you first need to have all the Palico Gadgets from the base game. Once you’ve all the Palico Gadgets from the vanilla game, you need to progress Iceborne’s story until you kill off Viper Tobi-Kadachi.

After you’re done, you need to head over to Seliana and talk to the Lynian Researcher. In the area, you’ll get to know a little more about Boaboa and will be tasked to hunt a large monster.

While you’re looking for a large monster, you’ll see a few companions alongside you all the time. What you’re needed to do is to slay a large monster in front of them so that they take you into Area 2.

Once you’re in Area 2, you’ll be asked to damage a Wingdrake (not kill) and hop onto one of them once you’ve damaged them enough and they get to the ground. After you’ve hopped onto one, the Wingdrake will fly you to a secret area called Area 17.

Once you’re in the new area, you’ll receive a questline tasking you to defeat a Tempered Beotodus. During the course of the hunt, you’ll be accompanied by the Boaboa who will stick by you at all times.

After you’re done with the hunt, you’ll receive your new Tailraider Signal Palico Gadget in the Iceborne expansion. I should also mention it here that using the Palico Gadget requires you to have a free party slot, otherwise, it won’t work.

This is how you can unlock the MHW: Iceborne Tailraider Signal in the expansion. For more on MHW: Iceborne, you can check out our How to Start the Expansion, Master Rank Assignments Guide, and Unlocking Secret Area 17 Guide.

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