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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Majestic Horn Farming Guide


Majestic Horn is a rare material in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne that players often search for. You can acquire it by breaking both the horns of a Diablo. Once acquired, you’ll be able to use it to improve your equipment and increase your combat efficiency.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Majestic Horn Farming

Majestic Horn is an extremely rare drop from the low-rank Diablos and with a better chance from the high-rank Black Diablos.

You won’t receive the Majestic Horn every time you break off a horn from the beast so you’ll have to do it for quite some time before you get the amount you need.

Try to have a build that suits breaking apart parts and collecting loot such as the “Partbreaker” skill. The “Uragaan” chest and waist pieces along with the Breaker Charm should do the trick.

You’ll encounter the Diablo during quests like “RRRRRumble in the Waste” and “The White Winds of the New World” so you’ll have your opportunity to get this item then.

You can also try and hunt Black Diablos through Investigations since this presents you with greater rewards, such as a higher chance of getting the Majestic Horn.


This rare item can be used to upgrade and forge all sorts of Weapons, Armor, and even Charms.


  • Kadachi Striker +
  • Kadachi Fang II
  • Kadachi Claws II
  • Kadachi Kaina II
  • Diablos Clubs I
  • Diablos Shatterer I
  • Axe Semper Tyrannis
  • Kadachi Pillar II
  • Diablos Tyrannis I
  • Tyrannis Glaive I
  • Dual Threat Heavy
  • Kadachi Lion II
  • Diablos Coilbender


  • Diablos Helm Alpha
  • Diablos Mail Alpha
  • Diablos Greaves Alpha
  • Diablos Helm Beta
  • Diablos Mail Beta
  • Diablos Greaves Beta
  • Diablos Nero Helm Alpha
  • Diablos Nero Helm Beta


  • Earplugs Charm I
  • Bulwark Charm

That’s pretty much all you need to know about Majestic Horn farming in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne. For more farming guides, be sure to check out our Crownhorn Farming Guide, Master Rank Materials Locations Guide, and Crimson Mane Farming Guide.

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