The Charge Blade is a weapon category in Monster Hunter: World that has a unique move set and upgrades path. It’s special because it functions as a sword, shield, and even an axe. This Charge Blade Guide covers all that you need to know regarding it in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Charge Blade

Charge Blade is an exceptionally versatile weapon so combining the modes is the best way to play. Sword Mode increases your guard and mobility so you can use it to store up energy.

Use the Axe Mode to do more powerful attacks. Similarly, you can combine the sword with the shield for better defense and mobility while doing long-range damage with the axe. The following are some of the best Charge Blade combos:

Sword Form

  • Midcombo, L + Circle or L + B: Sliding Slash.
  • R2 or R: Guard that deals phial damage if shield is charged but costs sharpness.
  • Triangle + Circle or Y + B: Forward Slash. It can start combos and slides into jumping attacks.
  • Midcombo, Triangle + Circle or Y + B: Shield Thrust. It deals phial damage if the shield is charged.
  • R2 + Circle or R + B: Charge Phials. It requires charge. Yellow charge fills 3 phials while red fills all 5.
  • Circle or B (Hold): Charged Double Slash. Must be time properly to start combos, as it has a huge build-up.
  • Triangle or Y: Standard Attack. It can be chained up to three times. 3rd attack blocks at the end of the animation.
  • R2 + Triangle or R + Y: Sword Morph Slash that start up animation that can block attacks and changes to Axe Mode.
  • During Charge Phials, Triangle or Y (Hold): Condensed Element Slash that must be timed. It imbues the sword with the phial’s damage for a short time.

Axe Form

  • R2 or R: Axe Morph Slash changes to Sword & Shield Mode.
  • Triangle or Y: Standard Attack that can be chained up to 3 times, along with Element Discharges.
  • Amped Element Discharge, Back on L + Triangle: It cancels Amped Element Discharge into tier 3 Element Discharge.
  • Amped Element Discharge, R2 or R: Elemental Roundslash that stores phials in shield making it charged, ends in Sword & Shield Mode.
  • Circle or B: Element Discharge that expends one phial if available and causes explosions if phial is spent – can be chained up to 3 times with Stardard Attacks.
  • Triangle + Circle or Y + B: Amped Element Discharge. It’s a large wind-up, expends all phials for a massive explosion, has a special “Super” version if shield is charged, ends in Sword & Shield Mode. It can also be done after Shield Thrust.

How to Morph Monster Hunter: World Charge Blade into Axe Mode

You can change your Charge Blade from Sword Mode into Axe Mode by pressing the RT to guard and then Triangle or Y.

Alternatively, you could just hit the RT when your weapon is sheathed to go straight into Axe Mode. You can morph back with the RT.

Charge Blade Weapons (Ore)

  • Proto Commission Axe
  • Elite Commission Axe
  • Chrome Guardian
  • Nergal Lacerator
  • Devestation’s Thorns
  • Rathsblade
  • Axelion Blade
  • Halberion Blade
  • Halberion Blade
  • Mudslide Blade
  • Mudslide Blade
  • Jyura Depth
  • Everfrost Blade
  • Gigafrost
  • Dear Lutemis
  • Dear Lutemia
  • Dear Hecatel
  • Dear Hecatelia

Charge Blade Weapons (Bone)

  • Bone Strongarm
  • Hard Bone Strongarm
  • Mighty Strongarm
  • Diablos Wall
  • Diablos Tyrannis
  • Jagras Strongarm
  • Jagras Escudo
  • Gama Silt
  • Girros Strongarm
  • Girros Nadja
  • Hazak Aspida
  • Pulsar Strongarm
  • Kadachi Kaina
  • Garon Strongarm
  • Hate’s Undying Flame
  • Odium
  • Dragonbone Cutter
  • Magda Manus
  • Avenging Magda Manus
  • Blacksteel Charger
  • Daora’s Casca
  • Daora’s Thwartoise
  • Xeno Ra’atz
  • Tyrant’s Charge Blade
  • Oppressor’s Charge Blade
  • Empress Alma
  • Empress Alma Blaze
  • Empress Alma Ruin
  • Empress Alma Styx
  • Dante’s Devil Sword
  • Chrome Fortress

This is all we’ve got in our Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Charge Blade Guide. For more on the game, check out our Warped Bone Farming Guide, Tempered Crimson Mane Farming Guide, and Tempered Crownhorn Farming Guide.

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