Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find Rock Lizard

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As the name suggests, Monster Hunter Rise is full of monsters or every size from small to huge. Some small creatures in the game are referred to as endemic life, as they grant buffs to players. Rock Lizard is one such monster and players can find it in a number of locations. In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we will help players with where to find the Rock Lizard.

Where To Find Rise Rock Lizard

When players find a Rock Lizard, interact with it to knock off some resources. This can help players while they are out adventuring. Also, knocking off resources won’t be difficult since the Rock Lizard walks slowly and doesn’t run.

Its distinct purple color makes it stand out. The easiest way to find Rock Lizard is to complete delivery quests that require players to locate Rock Lizard.

The most reliable spawn for this monster is Sandy Plains. Players can reach this region by going down the slope from the camp and then into the ravine to the left. Here, players will find the Rock Lizard quickly compared to the delivery quests.

That is all for our Monster Hunter Rise guide on where to find the Rock Lizard. For more on the game, also see How To Access Your DLC Items and How to Beat Great Izuchi.

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