Monster Hunter Rise allows the hunter to roam around in Elgado. The Citadel is a fallen place due to calamity. To explore this place there are Relic records to tell the story of this fallen place. This guide Citadel Relic Record Locations In Monster Hunter”, will save the extra time for you to roam around and find the locations of these.

Citadel Relic Record Locations In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

There is a total of ten locations on the map that are hidden somewhere at the citadel.

Relic Record Location #1

From your main camp head toward point three which is towards right after moving straight up. On reaching there climb the wall towards your right where you see a well. Climb down the well and enter the room located in the middle of that well. follow the path out of that room by going down where the first relic record message is under a dome.

Relic Record Location #2

For the second relic record, move up the castle and reach point four. At the edge of the map towards the right to point four, you will see a flower bed, strike that to get the second relic record.

Relic Record Location #3

Head to point 14 from the map and climb up the entry gate point 14. The next relic record is on top of that rock entrance gate.

Relic Record Location #4

Go down to the bridge that is between points 2 and 3. Use an explosive barrel to enter the red door where the fourth relic record is.

Relic Record Location #5 

For the next location of the relic record head towards point 6 by climbing up from point 5. Before reaching point 6 on the map towards the right you will find the next relic record at the edge of the cliff.

Reward After Five Relic Records

When you have five relics you will have Garangolm Statue.

Relic Record Location #6

Move past point 9 on the map and climb upwards until you reach the top where there is a hidden cave. The relic record message is in there. Use wirebugs to reach the top

Relic Record Location #7

On the west of point five on the map, climb up the rocks and enter a cave to get the next relic record message.

Relic Record Location #8

Proceed out of the tunnel from the previous relic location and go to the south of point 12 to have access to the with relic record message that is on top of a rock tower.

Relic Record Location #9 

Climb down from that rock tower from the previous location and head to point 13 where the relic message record is inside a tree.

Relic Record Location #10

For the last relic, the message move down from the right of the base camp.

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