There are plenty of items to farm in Monster Hunter Rise. This time we have got Pricey Shoots to hunt, which is a useful resource but is locked before a certain rank and you cannot collect it before that. It is also not an easy item to collect. This guide will help you better understand how you can farm Pricey Shoots with ease in Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter Rise Pricey Shoots Location

As these are difficult to locate in Monster Hunter Rise, it is because of the Gathering Node, which is not found easily. This item is only accessible to high-rank players, which means you will have to participate in a high lobby to get this item. You should join a party to hunt the small monsters, which gives you time to mess around and explore the area as well as gather useful resources.

After partying up with some high-level players, you need to go to the Shrine Ruins, where you will find five gathering nodes “Unique Item: Shoot Patch” in the lower half of the map. You will find details of the location of where to find Shoot Patch gathering nodes down below:

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Unique Item: Shoot Patch gathering nodes
  • Location: Use Great Wirebug behind the main camp and look in the West corner

You will find five gathering nodes at this location for Unique Item: Shoot Patch, but it is not certain that you find a Pricey Stone out of each patch. This means you will have to follow these steps in High Ranks until you get enough Pricey Shoots.

Once, you have gathered the first node, mark that location on the map, so that it would be easy for you to come again and retrieve your prize. These are the exact steps you will need to follow to get the patches for Pricey Shoots:

  • You can use wirebug to climb up the hill. You will find the wirebug behind your main camp. From the top of the cliff go to the west side, this is where you will find your first patch.
  • Go to the North of area 1 of the Map on the cliff for the second patch.
    You will find the third patch above the second to the east side.
  • Now, climb the cliff to the North facing the vines. Once you have reached the top go to the east side and then go North from the end, this is where the fourth patch will be found.
  • For the final patch, you will have to jump the wall in the North direction, navigating into a bamboo garden. You will find your fifth patch right in the middle of this garden.