Monster Hunter Rise, is the new installment in the Monster Hunter series is available to play on Nintendo Switch. It has all the intricacies of a monster game and provides players with a unique and absolutely intriguing experience. This is a Monster Hunter Rise guide on what are some of the post-game unlockable things you can do after you have completed the main story of the game.


Monster Hunter Rise Post-Game Unlockables

There are a number of unlockables that you can collect after completing the main storyline of Monster Hunter Rise. After the Final Main Story Quest, you will have to kill the elder dragon Narwa to access the extra post-game details, features, and quests. These are:

  • Improved Maca Alchemy.
  • You have unlocked petalace coloring and Armor pieces.
  • A mark is displayed alongside the player’s name, which means that this specific player has slain the Elder Dragon Narwa.

You can also collect Relics in Monster Hunter Rise. There are a huge number of Relics in Monster Hunter Rise, which means that you will be putting in hours and hours of playing the game to collect them all.

The next thing you can do is to look for Endemic life. These are some unique creatures in their locations, and these aren’t your enemies, but they can provide essential buffs, items, and some other valuable resources. You can also collect different kinds of weapons by slaying a number of monsters.

This was everything we had on what are the post-game unlockables in Monster Hunter Rise and how do you obtain these features. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Monster Hunter Rise wiki guides.