Finding and using resources is a key part of Monster Hunter Rise, as they’re used to upgrade and forge new gear. One of the resources you’ll need is Immature Sponge, which can be used to create several different pieces of equipment in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’re having trouble finding Immature Sponge, then don’t worry; in this guide, I’ll tell you everything about it, like its location and how to farm.

Where To Find The Immature Sponge in Monster Hunter Rise?

In Monster Hunter Rise, one of the materials you can collect is the Immature Sponge. This item can be found in the flooded forest area, and there are two ways to get it.

The first is to carve it from a Ludroth, which has a 36% chance of yielding the sponge. The second way is to target Ludroth specifically, which has a 16% chance of giving you the sponge. Remember that both methods require you to be in the flooded forest area. Therefore, when collecting Immature Sponges, it is important to be mindful of your surroundings and avoid any dangerous areas.

One of the best places to farm Immature Sponge is “Ladies of the Lake quest.” This quest tasks you with hunting Ludros and marks them on your map. This makes finding and killing them easy, and you can keep replaying the quest to get more Immature Sponges.

Moreover, Royal Ludroth is a large, aggressive creature known to attack anything within its territory. While it is possible to kill Ludroths without encountering a Royal Ludroth, they are typically found in groups, making it difficult to take down more than one at a time.

However, if a Royal Ludroth is present in the same vicinity as the Ludroths, it will become much harder to slay them and harvest their materials. Thus, if you plan on killing a group of Ludroths, make sure that the Royal Ludroth is not in the same vicinity. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing an impossible battle.

That is all for our Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge Farming Guide. For more on the game, also see How to Get Sinister Gloomcloth and How to Get Calamitous Axe.

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