How To Get Giant Wirebugs In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Giant Wirebugs

Wirebugs is a new game mechanic introduced to the Monster Hunter franchise with the launch of Monster Hunter Rise. These wirebugs help players to reach certain areas of the map that could be otherwise not accessible. In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we will help players with how to get the giant Wirebug.

Monster Hunter Rise Giant Wirebugs

There are two types of Wirebugs in the game, Giant and standard. As I mentioned above, the Giant Wirebug allows players to access certain parts of the map.

Players can get the Giant Wirebug by talking to Senior Hunter Hanenaga who is a member of the village located right to the Buddy Plaza. Talk to Senior Hunter Hanenaga and he’ll offer the Wirebug for free. Whenever players need more Wirebugs, players can come and talk to Hanenaga and ask for more. Furthermore, players can complete delivery missions for Hanenaga and he’ll reward players with Wirebugs.

To use the Giant Wirebug, players need to find Jewel Lillies. These are blue flowers with blue particles indicating that players can place the Wirebug here.

That is all for our Monster Hunter Rise guide on how to get Wirebugs. For more on the game, also see Where To Find Rock Lizard and How To Access Your DLC Items.

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