Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life Locations Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life Guide

As the name suggests, Endemic Life refers to creatures that can be found in the world of Monster Hunter Rise. When captured, these provide a variety of bonuses to players. These effects include increased HP, improved Attack Power, ability to cripple monsters, among many others. In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ve shared a complete list of all the Endemic Life and its uses.

Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life

Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise can be categorized into five categories: Buffers, Crafty, Hunting Helper, Ensnaring Life, and Misc. ones. Below, players can find a complete list of all the Endemic Life in MHR and their uses:


First of all, we’ve got Buffer that provides either temporary or permanent stats bonuses. The table below details all the Buffers that are available in Monster Hunter Rise:

Clothfly Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins Resistance against injury.
Cutterfly Shrine Ruins Increases critical hit chance.
Butterflame Shrine Ruins Increases strength.
Green Spiribird Shrine Ruins Increases max HP.
Yellow Spiribird Shrine Ruins Increases stamina.
Red Spiribird Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins Increases the overall attack power.
Orange Spiribird Shrine Ruins Improves defensive stats.
Wirebug Shrine Ruins Wirebug Gauge is increased by +1.
Vigorwasp Shrine Ruins Players are able to scatter mist.
Peepersect N/A Reduces stamina.

Hunting Helper

When it comes to Hunting Helper, players can keep them stored in their inventories. This allows them to use them whenever they need. However, one important thing to note here is that a player can only keep a maximum of five of them in the inventory.

Firebeetle Shrine Ruins This causes Fireblight.
Snowbeetle Shrine Ruins This causes Iceblight.
Mudbeetle Shrine Ruins This causes Waterblight.
Thunderbeetle Shrine Ruins This causes Thunderblight.
Poisontoad Shrine Ruins Players are able to poison a target.
Blastoad Shrine Ruins This causes a massive explosion that knocks down targets.
Escuregoat Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins This provides healing effects.
Stinkmink Shrine Ruins This works like Alluring Skull from Dark Souls. When used, this attracts monsters.
Brewhare Shrine Ruins This lets players add nutrients to the food.
Puppet Spider Shrine Ruins Allows players to cripple a monster.
Trapbugs Shrine Ruins Enemies that come in contact with players are flinched.
Antidobra Shrine Ruins This not only increases resistances but also cures all status ailments.
Wailnard Shrine Ruins This can be used to attract larger monsters that Stinkmink can’t work on.

Ensnaring Life

These are used to slow down monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Flashfly Shrine Ruins All nearby enemies are flinched.
Giganha Flooded Forest When fully fed, increases damage.

Crafty Creatures

These provide useful crafting materials when used – can come in pretty handy.

Boulder Lizard Shrine Ruins Minerals.
Rock Lizard Shrine Ruins Rocks as well as Minerals.
Scale Lizard Shrine Ruins Claws and Scales.

Misc. Endemic Life

In this section of Endemic Life are the items that we couldn’t fit anywhere else.

Great Wirebug Shrine Ruins This allows players to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
Golden Spiribug Shrine Ruins This provides an item for the guild.

That’s all we’ve got in our Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Monster Hunter Rise wiki guides for more help on the game.

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