How To Access Your DLC Items In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise DLC items

Monster Hunter Rise is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title developed by Capcom. The game follows the usual tried and tested formula of hunting monsters and has refined it even more. Those who purchased the Deluxe Edition or pre-ordered the game, have some extra items waiting for them. In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we will help players with how to access and where to find the DLC items.

Where To Find DLC Items

To claim the pre-order bonus or the DLC items, players must speak with the Courier Cat in the center of the town.

Players will find the cat standing on a red chest near Fugen the Elder. Interact with the cat and scroll down till you find ‘Add-on Content’.

Click on this and players will have the full list of the DLC items available. Once players have claimed the DLC items\pre-order bonus, they can equip it using the item box or can go to buddy plaza to customize buddy gear.

That is all for our Monster Hunter Rise guide on how to access the DLC items. For more on the game, also see How To Beat Magnamalo Guide and How To Beat Goss Harag.

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