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Monster Hunter Rise Bloodlust Skill Effects, Build, Frenzy


Bloodlust Skill Effect in Sunbreak alters the Frenzy virus to cause an atypical outcome for Hunters. Typically, Frenzy brings down the hunter’s defenses and resistance in combat and strips the ability of natural healing. But when the Bloodlust skill is activated, Frenzy works differently.

This guide offers all the necessary information you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise Bloodlust – including the Skill Effects Build, Frenzy, and various other helpful details.

Bloodlust Skill Effects

As stated earlier, the impact of the Frenzy virus fluctuates as it gradually reduces in exchange for different benefits. There are three levels that I’ve mentioned below:

Level 1 Effects

  • When Infected: Attack and Evasion Increase, and Stamina Usage Reduce.
  • When Recovered: Affinity Increases and the red vitality gauge will be refilled.

Level 2 Effects

  • When Infected: More Boost in Attack and Evasion.
  • When Recovered: Affinity Increases.

Level 3 Effects

  • When Infected: More Boost in Attack and Evasion
  • When Recovered: Increased in the duration of boosted Affinity.

How To Unlock Bloodlust in Monster Hunter Rise

To unlock the powerful effects of the Bloodlust Skill in Monster Hunter Rise, the player should get the following items:

  • Head Armor: “Arc Helm” and “Storage Helm”
  • Chest Armor: “Arc Mail” and “Storage Mail”
  • Leg Armor: “Arc Greaves” and “Storage Greaves”

All armor mentioned above is equipped with the Bloodlust skill at level 1. This skill reaches higher levels as each Frenzy level increases, unlocking bonuses and rewards for your affinity score.

Best Armor Builds With Bloodlust

NoArmorBase DefenseSkill #1Skill #2Skill #3
1Arc Greaves or Storge Greaves120Bloodlust: Level 1Spare Shot: Level 1Razor Sharp: Level 1
2Arc Helm or  Storge Helm120Bloodlust: Level 1Coalescence: Level 2
3Arc Mail or Storge Helm120Bloodlust: Level 1Critical Element: Level 1Resuscitate: Level 1
4Chaotic Greaves or Nephilim Greaves118Bloodlust: Level 1Coalescence: Level 3Berserk: Level 1
5Chaotic Vambraces or Nephilim Vambraces118Bloodlust: Level 1Resentment: : Level 3Berserk: Level 1

Best Builds With Bloodlust Skill (Master Rank)

NoBuilds Master Rank
1Lunatic Rose Bloodlust Poison6+
2Lunatic Rose Bloodlust Poison6+
3Rooksearer Bloodlust Blast6+
4TU2 Critical Savage Axe Climber6+
5Asterism Bloodlust Raw6+
6Infinite Stamina Berserk Bow Build6+
7TU3 Endgame Raw Pierce Rapid Fire6+
8TU3 Raw Pierce Build6+
9TU2 Exhaust Build6+
10TU3 Endgame Spread Build6+
11Berserk Thunder Elemental Dual Blade Build6+
12General Berserk Elemental Build6+
13TU3 Chaotic Gore Magala Switch Axe Build6+
14Mail of Hellfire Chaotic Gore Magala Impact Phial Build6+


When the monster appears unstoppable and you feel hopelessly outmatched, Bloodlust grants you the Frenzy virus that will help turn the tide in your favor. Furthermore, when Frenzy is active for two minutes unless you get rid of it, it grants you beneficial buffs. Don’t panic if your health starts to deteriorate – decreasing points due to the virus is possible, yet it won’t completely deplete your HP.

Curing Frenzy

Curing Bloodlust’s Frenzy will be an effortless transition if you’ve used the typical Frenzy. In other words, it is just as straightforward! During a limited time spawn when players aggressively attack their prey, Affinity buff and temporary immunity from Frenzy will be rewarded to them. For this Affinity, depending on skill level, players who have reached Level 1 will be rewarded with a 20% boost, while those at levels 2 and 3 will gain an extra 5%, for a total of 25%. By activating the Affinity buff, hunters are likelier to land telling blows on their prey.

That’s all you know about the Monster Hunter Rise Bloodlust Skill, how to unlock it, and the best builds with this skill. With this knowledge, you can use it effectively in Monster Hunter. Before you go, here are some guides you may like:

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