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Last Epoch Monolith of Fate Guide: End Game 2023, New Player Tips

Ultimate Monolith of Fate End Game Guide


Last Epoch is a popular action role-playing game known for its deep and engaging gameplay mechanics, including the Empowered Monolith system. If you’re a newer player looking to dive into this feature but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step overview of the Empowered Monolith system, including how to get to the End of Time hub, progress through the different monoliths, and complete echoes to earn rewards. We’ll also cover special echo nodes, including beacons, echoes of a world, vessels of memory, and vessels of chaos. So, let’s get started and explore the world of Last Epoch’s Empowered Monolith system.

Last Epoch Monolith of Fate – Everything You Need to Know

Getting to the End of Time

The End of Time is a hub for the Monolith of Fate and is reached around level 20 after killing the final boss of the Ruined Era. Chronomancer Lerinne allows you to respec your passive points for gold, and Annya the Blacksmith allows you to buy runes of shattering. Artem the Gambler is great for gambling for items under level 40. The Target Dummy is a great way of testing your damage out. There are two stashes, one near Artem and another near the Target Dummy.

Entering the Monolith of Fate

The Monolith of Fate is entered through the entrance in the upper right of the End of Time waypoint. The first destination is the Fall of the Outcasts, which is the level 58 monolith and your first mission to work on. In the upper right is the bridge to the level 66 monolith, the Black Sun, and the left bridge goes to the level 62 monolith, the Stolen Lance. To progress and unlock these bridges, you must finish the Fall of The Outcasts questline, which involves killing the Abomination.

monolith of fate last epoch

Echoes and Rewards

To start an echo, right-click on one. Each echo has a special marking that tells you what rewards they bring, such as exalted items, rare items, gold, xp, and unique/set items. Stability will be rewarded on completing the echo and for killing monsters in the monolith, which is tracked by the bonus stability meter while inside the echo. Each Timeline has special unique/set item nodes that will spawn randomly in that specific timeline. There are also special echo nodes that offer different rewards and objectives.

Beacon Monolith

The beacon monolith has an infinitely spawning wave of void enemies to stop you from lighting it. If you stand in the AoE, it will charge, and if you do not it will not charge. Once you reach 100, the beacon will kill all the void enemies it spawned, then it will reveal an area around it, showing you all the possible paths you can go and their rewards.

Echo of a World

The echo of a world has you fight one of the premier bosses of Last Epoch, the Shade of Orobyss, which comes in many different flavors and has a randomized skill set. Once completed, you will gain or lose corruption, and you will also reset your Echo web so you may continue the process again.

Vessel of Memory

The Vessel of Memory will have you finish an objective, killing a Blue Pillar, which will then uncomplete any echo in your monolith, allowing you to go back and do all of them again, which is a great way to get more rewards of a specific type multiple times.

Vessel of Chaos

The Vessel of Chaos is the same as Vessel of Memory but red. It will take all your uncompleted echoes and randomize them again, allowing you to try to roll for better rewards.


Completing echoes grants stability, which is used on the track to the end boss. When it reaches full, you can do the three side missions in the upper right, which are just a questline with a boss at the end. Once you finish the first two, kill the boss, and a few things happen. You will drop one of their boss uniques. These uniques are influenced by the rarity mod inside your monolith.


It’s possible to permanently boost your character’s stats or find specific items with blessings. You can view a complete list of Blessings here. The Monolith of Fate isn’t the only place where blessings work.

After defeating a Timeline, you can choose from three Blessings.

If you conquer the same Timeline again, you may choose to keep your current Blessing or exchange it for a new one. Each Timeline has its unique set of Blessings. A few Timelines offer Blessings that increase your character’s stats, while others increase your chances of finding specific items.

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