Season 2 for COD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has rolled out with new content. However, players report the game crashing in-game and at launch with this new season. The following are the fixes for Modern Warfare 2 season 2 crashes.

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 01:54 am

Modern Warfare 2 Crash Fixes You Can Try

For those players experiencing the Modern Warfare 2 crashes after the Season 2 update, these crashes likely have nothing to do with your PC, but it’s a game issue.

With that said, there are multiple reasons why MW2 is crashing, like overclocked GPU, outdated OS, corrupt system or game files, and more. The following are the fixes for Modern Warfare 2 crashes.

Crash At Startup Fix

Modern Warfare 2 PC players report that after the season 2 update, the game is crashing at startup. According to players, the game doesn’t launch or crashes at the boot sequence with error messages like “All graphics adaptors failed to initialize.” The following are the fixes for the MW2 crash at startup issue.

Disable Full Screen Optimizations

Full-screen optimizations are usually enabled by default for applications and video games. Disable these optimizations, and Modern Warfare 2 will stop crashing at startup. First, you need to locate the game’s executable. Right-click Modern Warfare 2 in Steam library > Manage > Browse Lcoal Files. A new window will open with game files. Right-click the cod executable > properties > Compatibility tab > check “Disable fullscreen optimizations” and apply these changes.

For, Open the client, and click on the gear icon next to the Play button. Select ‘Show in explorer,’ and a new window will open with Modern Warfare 2 game files.

Revert Overclock

GPU or CPU overclocking can result in the game crashing at startup. If you have overclocked your GPU Or CPU, that might be causing Modern Warfare 2 to crash at launch. Revert your GPU or CPU to its default clocks, and the game won’t crash at startup.

Install/Update Visual C++ Redistributables

Missing or corrupt Visual C++ files are another reason behind MW2 crashing at startup. Players also report that they get a missing .dll file error at launch. Update/install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables to fix the issue.

Crash Fix

Modern Warfare 2 players report the game is crashing in-game randomly after the season 2 update with error messages like error 0x887A0005, error code 0x0000005(0)N, and ‘DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error’ more. This is pretty annoying when the game crashes mid-match, which can result in temporary suspension. You can try the following fixes to keep the game from crashing while playing.

General Fixes

Before we start specific fixes for the Modern Warfare 2 crashes, try these general fixes. Run the game in Window Borderless, Limit FPS to match the display refresh rate, disable Game Bar, and disable third-party software that might interfere with the game.

Disable Nvidia Reflex

Nvidia Reflex reduces latency, a useful feature in a multiplayer game. However, enabling this feature can cause Mdoern Warfare 2 to crash. Siable Nvidia Reflex and the MW2 crashing issue will be fixed.

Delete the ‘Players’ Folder

Players is a folder in the Documents that contains the user settings. The settings saved here can cause Modern Warfare 2 to crash in-game. Open Documents and then open the Call Of Duty folder. Delete the Players folder and launch MW2; the game will create a new Players folder, and all the settings will reset. This will fix the in-game crash issue.

Revert GPU Overclock

Overclocked GPU results in in-game crashes with DirectX or DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error. Revert the game GPU overclock, and the game will stop crashing. Even factory-overclocked GPUs can crash a game; open Nvidia Control Panel > Help > Debug Mode, and the GPU will revert to its reference clock. This will fix the MW2 in-game crash.

Disable XMP Profile

XMP profiles can be accessed through BIOS and are related to the RAM speed. These XMP profiles are designed to get the most out of your RAM; enabling them can cause the game to crash. Players have reported that disabling the XMP profile fixes the Modern Warfare 2 crash.

Update BIOS

Players report that updating the BIOS fixes the MW2 in-game crash. Update your motherboard BIOS, and the game will stop crashing.

That is all for our fixes for Modern Warfare 2 crashes. Also, see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes if you are experiencing errors with other PC video games or PC.

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