In Modern Warfare 2, screen flickering during a game or campaign can impair your gameplay and is one of the most aggravating obstacles for most players during campaigns and engagements. These flashes can injure players’ eyes and irritate them, in addition to being bothersome. Continue reading for more information and potential PC player improvements.

How to Fix Screen Flickering in MW2

Run the game in admin mode, which is one of the known fixes. Simply locate the COD MWII.exe file in the COD Modern Warfare 2 game directory and right-click on it. Now just choose “Run as administrator” to run the game in administration mode.

The next step is to make sure you have updated graphics drivers. For that, we recommend using DriverFix. This utility tool will not only update your graphics but scan any other outdated drivers that may be causing performance issues.

Another solution is to match your monitor’s refresh rate with your GPU’s frame rate. Turning on MW2’s V-Sync makes it simple to accomplish this. Simply find the V-Sync Settings in the game’s settings menu and turn them on. After exhausting all the aforementioned options and the issue is still not resolved, simply reinstall the game. Modern Warfare 2’s faults and errors can be fixed using the standard method.

Tip: We recommended using DriverFix as it allows you to scan and update all outdated drivers in just one click. It makes the process faster, and you don’t have to track down drivers on multiple sites.

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