Being the ninth mission of COD MW II, Recon by Fire must’ve already gotten you into the flow of gaming by now. However, the Modern Warfare series isn’t known for having simple and straightforward missions. Every mission this game throws at you requires a bit of tactic and a little strategy.

In this guide, we’ll take the Recon by Fire Mission apart, detail by detail, giving you all the tips and tricks you can use when approaching it. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

So far, in your pursuit for Hassan, you’ve had operations on Mexico and US borders. In this mission, however, you’ll be thrown into Spain to uncover the operations that Hassan has been brewing so far.

In the process, you’ll encounter many enemies, but stealth is a core element in this mission, so keep a check on your movements at all times, don’t make any hasty moves, and be focused at all costs.

Recon by Fire Walkthrough

You’ll start off with Price and Laswell by your side. Open up your scope and move forward steadily. After a while, Price will tell you to take out certain enemies, so do that as stealthily as possible. A sewer tunnel will appear, which you will need to cross. After that, a few enemies will be roaming around, scanning the area. Lie down and follow Price as you two move forward slowly.

Once Price tells you to, kill one of the people in front of you and follow Price to the building ahead. You’ll need to equip your heartbeat scanner to look for people in the building.

Clear the Warehouses

Once done, enter the building and lie down next to Price. There, you’ll see a sea of enemies roaming around. So, take your time and scan the whole place. Look for walking patterns that the enemies are taking.

The following will be challenging, as you’ll need to exterminate the whole area in stealth. To do this, you’ll need to look for spots where the guards aren’t being watched by other guards.

First, you’ll need to kill the guards that are standing alone. After that, you’ll need to eliminate the two guards standing next to each other with the help of Price. Lastly, you’ll need to kill the trio, which may seem tricky to do in stealth, but just requires you to move in a position where you can take two out with one bullet.

After all that, a vehicle will approach your site. So, keep a low profile by hiding in the grass or lying down. Wait for them to leave, then move ahead towards the supply warehouses. Once you reach the warehouses, open them using the C4 Brachers from your inventory. A bunch of enemies will come rushing out, so take them out one by one, clearing the area.

Once done, search white containers and try to find places to hide, as five cars will be approaching your area soon. So, once they do, get ready and clear them out. After all, head to the next warehouse and enter it with C4 Brachers again. Similarly, take out all the enemies and investigate the tables and the papers on top of them.

Head to the Lighthouse

Find Price outside the warehouse and head towards the lighthouse, but approach it with stealth as you will need to kill enemies quietly once again. Start off by killing the guards that are standing alone. Then, take out the duos with Price and kill the trios using the same technique discussed above.

This will once again end in vehicles approaching you guys. So, lay down and hide in the grass to avoid any kind of combat here. Once they pass by, head into the lighthouse and clear out the garage swarming with enemies.

Clear Out the House

At last, you’ll be met with a house in front of you once you are done with the lighthouse. Use C4 from your inventory to open the doors on the front. Then, take out the enemies that will be wearing heavy armor. If you find it hard to kill them, try headshots only.

Finally, head to the laundry room and move the washing machine aside. There, you’ll see a tunnel. Enter it and follow Price.

Once out of there, Laswell will call you, asking for help. Locate her in the boat ahead and aim for the enemies surrounding her. Try to kill as many as possible, but know she’ll be taken hostage anyway. Once she is, then head back to Price, and this will end the mission.

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