Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has many stealth missions, one of which many players are recently struggling to complete is the “Kill or Capture” mission. The gist of this mission is that you’ll have to find exactly what Hassan Zyani, Ghorbrani’s second-in-command, is conspiring in Al Mazrah, where you’ll initially be for this mission. Look no further, as we have detailed all the steps you can follow to complete the “Kill or Capture” mission and know how to complete all the tasks.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 09:50 pm

Kill or Capture Walkthrough

Let’s now dive right into the walkthrough of the Kill or Capture in Mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. First, put your night vision goggles on the right after landing. Follow the team until the helicopter crashes. Head to a nearby house that you’ll see and clear the 1st floor. Afterward, head to building 2 and clear out all the enemies on the terrace. Next, go inside and clear the first floor of this building.

Next, go upstairs and clear the 2nd floor. Take note that you need to be extra vigilant while opening locked doors and going past any rooms in case you encounter an enemy. To deal with this with a better tactic, throw a flash to neutralize the imposing threat. Hassan will be nowhere in sight even after you’re done with the 2nd floor; you’ll now have to join your group and secure the crash site.

Secure The Crash Site

After joining your group, head to the helicopter crash area. Enter the helicopter and position yourself so you can aim your weapon at the tree line from the windows. As enemies approach, secure the right and rear sides of the helicopter. Remember that there will be three waves of enemies, so try not to miss any shots and carefully take cover to heal from the wounds in between. A quick tip, you can equip the ammo backpack from the helicopter’s right side.

Look For Hassan

After completing the last steps, move out of the chopper with your group. Beware that now, when you’re in an open area, you’ll be targeted by a sniper attack. To tackle that, lay on the ground to return fire in the safe zone, keep moving forward, and repeat the same steps until the snipers are gone.

Kill any enemy on sight until the gunship delivers air support. Then move to the building to clear the area and wipe out any enemies. You may find them attacking you from behind the walls or nearby rooms, so be wary. When you’ve cleared the 1st floor, head to the second floor and secure it. After wiping out all the enemies, go to the room with a bed and desk and interact with the papers on the desk. You’ll come to find out that Hassan has escaped.

Investigate the Warehouse

After the last step, get out of the building and join your group again to investigate the warehouse you’ll find nearby. When you reach it, go inside and secure the area. After that, you’ll find that there are blue containers around. Search them to discover what Hassan’s men were guarding finally, and that will be the end of the “Kill or Capture” Mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

We hope that the walkthrough of the “Kill or Capture” Mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was thorough and detailed enough for you to complete the mission successfully. Ensure you do not miss any points while following through with the steps.

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