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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Cheats, Tips And Tricks For Winning Each Time


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is out now and if you have played MOBAs in the past then this will seem familiar. In this guide, we are going to provide you with helpful tips, tricks and cheats to help you win more matches in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Following are tips and tricks and cheats that you should keep in mind when playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

Learning the Basics

Although a very few basic rules to learn, never the less they are a must to learn. Leaning the basics is the key to win at any game. So here are the basics you need to master:

  • Minions you kill give you Gold. Any minions at that.
  • Destroy enemy turrets both inner and outer to get to the enemy Crystal (Base).
  • Enemy Champions will be in your way, you will need to kill them straight up to cut a clear path.
  • Each Champion has it’s own role to play, you should learn a handful of these champions in every single game. Once you do this you will find that one role that you feel comfortable in playing.

Do not neglect the minions

The minions are going to be your main source of Gold. The more minions you kill before your opponents the higher the gold advantage will be in your favor. This will allow you to buy certain items that will allow you to gain an advantage over the opponent. So you should make it your top priority to kill these minions as soon as they spawn.

Know The Roles

  • Tank: Their main use is to tank the front lines of the enemy’s offense. They have a larger health pool and can take a lot of damage allowing their allies to destroy the enemies. Tanks need to roam the lanes or go to side lanes.
  • Fighter: Fighters have a decent defense and are mainly melee attackers, they can hold a lane on their own and usually farm Jungle.
  • Assassin: These champions offer high burst damage attacks that quickly destroy enemies within seconds, they excel at picking off isolated enemies but not against entire teams
  • Marksman: These champions take the mid lane to farm freely. They help their teams by dealing heavy damage from back of the lane, this way they avoid taking much damage.
  • Support: These are mainly roamers who help out in every lane. they can heal, crowd control and shield and more, depending on what support type they are. Their main focus, in short, is to keep the team alive.

Main a few Champions

You should main only a few champions of different roles, this way you will understand how each of the roles work and be able to fill that void should your team ever need one. Easy to play champions are the best to play as they don’t have hard to learn mechanics and are easier to master.

Daily Quests

Daily quests are your way to get a good source of EXP and ticket as well as Gold. Try to complete all of your daily quests as much as you can.

Free Chests

If you can stall by simply staying online, you will be able to claim these free chests that contain all kinds of items.

Unlock Emblems and Upgrade them

There is an emblem for each role, try to unlock the one that you play for the first time. Though if you play many different types of roles then you will need to level up 10 accounts to unlock more. Every time you get materials or level up be sure to check your emblems and see if you are able to upgrade it.

You can find the Emblems by tapping on the Preparation button in the bottom left corner of the screen -> Emblem.


There are a few general free spells that can be equipped in any hero. They will allow your hero’s damage to be buffed, make them faster, inflict CC. They will unlock as you level up, so make sure that you read them carefully before each battle and equip the one that goes best with your champion.

Tutorials Rewards

Play all tutorials and claim all rewards once you complete them. These rewards include plenty of useful rewards. Some will help you to unlock new champions.

Build the right equipment and experiment with custom builds

During the matches, you will need to purchase equipment with the gold you gather. These items can be purchased anywhere though to heal you will need to travel back to base.  Your first gear should be something with little damage, these allow you to get those crucial last hits on the monsters to gather gold. After that, you may think of an item that will boost you. This will allow you to escape unwanted fights or chase the enemy. After this, you can focus on your core build.

Depending on the champion you play, the game automatically recommends certain items to get, however it is best to experiment around with different types of equipment by reading through them carefully and then see if they suit the build or not.

These are all of our Mobile Legends: Bang Bang cheats, tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you are interested in mobile games then you can also check out our tips and tricks guide for GI Joe: War On Cobra.

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