How To Get Missile Launcher Arms In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Missile Launcher Arms

Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 lets you modify your body to become a living breathing weapon. We have gone over how you can get the mantis blades in the game but if you want to pack a punch then you might want to get the missile launcher arms in Cyberpunk 2077. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can do that.

The launcher allows you to fire missiles at the enemy that explode on impact dealing high amounts of damage.

Getting The Missile Launcher Arms In Cyberpunk 2077

Like the other cyberwar upgrades in Cyberpunk 2077, you need to get this upgrade from a ripperdoc. You will need 20 street cred in order to buy the weapon and get the upgrade so be sure to get there. If not, then you should do side missions and gigs in order to increase your street cred. You can check out our guide on how you can increase your street cred fast in the game.

Go to Viktor and select the trade tab and look for the Projectile Launch System option. This is a pretty expensive upgrade so you will need to get the required money in order to get the upgrade. The upgrade will set you back 15,450 Eddies.

You can modify the upgrade to use incendiary rounds or tranquilizing rounds if you are interested in a non-lethal approach in the game. While this is a cool upgrade that can cause explosions and a ton of damage, how useful it is going to be in the game is going to depend on your playstyle. You might find yourself better off with some other upgrade entirely.

This is how you can get the missile launcher arms in Cyberpunk 2077. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.

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