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Minecraft Realms: How To Add And Install Mods


Adding mods to Minecraft Realms is something the players really want to do but the process is not the same as modding other games. Minecraft Realms has certain limitations regarding mod compatibility.

Minecraft Realms is a subscription-based service that allows you to create and manage your own private Minecraft servers. While it’s designed for ease of use and is more limited in terms of customization compared to standard Minecraft servers, there are still ways to incorporate mods into your Realms experience.

Minecraft Realms supports the Vanilla version of Minecraft, meaning it doesn’t natively support the Forge or Fabric mod loaders, which are commonly used for modding the game. Therefore, adding mods to Minecraft Realms isn’t as straightforward as it is for regular Minecraft servers.

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How To Mod Minecraft Realms

When selecting mods for Minecraft Realms, it’s important to choose mods that are compatible with the Vanilla version of Minecraft. These are often referred to as server-side mods or plugins, which don’t require players to install anything on their end. Look for mods that enhance gameplay without altering the core mechanics of Minecraft too much.

One way to add mod-like features to Minecraft Realms is through data packs. Data packs can add new advancements, functions, loot tables, structures, and more without the need for a modded client. To add a data pack to your Realm:

  • Download the data pack you want to add (Available online).
  • Open your Minecraft game and go to the ‘Single Player’ menu.
  • Create a new world or edit an existing world.
  • Open the world folder, and place the data pack into the ‘datapacks’ folder.
  • Once added, load the world to ensure the data pack is working correctly.
  • Finally, upload this world to your Minecraft Realm.

Resource packs can be used to change textures, models, music, sounds, and languages. While not mods in the traditional sense, resource packs can be combined with data packs to create a modded experience. Players will need to download and install the resource pack on their own.

Note: Minecraft regularly updates, and so do mods and data packs. To ensure the best gameplay experience, keep your Realm, mods, and data packs updated to their latest versions.

Modding Method #2

Another method to add mods to Minecraft Realms is by uploading a modded world. This requires you to create a world in single-player mode with your desired mods and then upload it to your Realm. Note that this method only works with mods compatible with the Vanilla client.

Remember that because of the limitations of Minecraft Realms, not all mods will work as they do on a standard server. You may encounter bugs or issues, and certain mods might not function at all. Always test mods in a single-player world before uploading them to your Realm.

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