Wood farming is quite easy in Minecraft Legends if you are aware of a few tips. Wood is one of the most basic resources in Minecraft Legends, alongside Stone. It is used to craft a range of items but the most useful being the Carpenter Hut which allows you to repair buildings in the game. In this guide, I will discuss a few tips you need to know to farm wood faster in Minecraft Legends.

How to Get Wood Fast in Minecraft Legends

Very early on in Minecraft Legends, you get access to tools that allow you to harvest stone and wood. These two are the only resources you can gather until you get access to more gathering tools later on in the game. You can access the wood-gathering tool from the d-pad which brings us a large area of effect with a box in the middle.

Now, you can place the AoE wherever you want as long as there are trees inside it. However, the best way to do this is to cover multiple areas at once. Look for areas that have multiple trees close together, such areas are often near villages.

How to Get more Wood in Minecraft Legends

You can place multiple wood-gathering tools at once which really speeds up the wood farming process. DO NOT stand and wait for one of them to finish gathering tools before placing the next one. Cover one area and move on to the next to place a second or third wood-gathering tool.

You can easily gather 500 to 1000x wood in less than 5 minutes. You can use the same method for gathering stones as well. You can see our video above for a walkthrough on how to farm wood faster.

It is best to gather wood and stone as much as possible early on in the game so you can easily place Carpenter Huts to repair villages that were attacked by the Piglins.

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