In Minecraft Legends, Villager Chests are used by the game’s inhabitants to collect and store resources that are valuable for defending against the Piglin Horde’s attacks. Villagers spend their time assembling these packages and depositing them into the chest for the player to use at their discretion.

The Villager Chests can be a helpful resource for players in the game and can aid in the defense effort against the Piglin Horde. Gathering resources through the Villager Chests is essential to success in the game, and players are encouraged to make good use of them.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Villager Chests, where to find them, and how to open them.

Where to Find and How to Open Villager Chests in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, Villager Chests are essential to gather resources to defend against the Piglin Horde. They can be found at the Fountain in the center of each Village, and Villagers resupply them at the start of each day, assuming the Fountain hasn’t been destroyed.

Players can open Villager Chests by heading over to them and holding down the interact button. Once opened, the contents of the chest will automatically deposit into the player’s resources. If the player cannot carry everything, the remaining items will be left in the chest for later.

All Villages will supply players with Wood, Stone, and Prismarine. However, if players need other resources, they will need to seek out specific villages.

On the World Map, players can move the cursor over a village to see what special resource the village gathers that can help you build structures or craft the Carpenter Hut to repair buildings. There is usually at least one village for each resource created on World Generation, so players in need of a particular resource are unlikely to have too much trouble tracking it down.

Players can improve their resource management by building the “Improvement: Shared Village Chests,” which will link all Villager Chests on the map. By doing so, players can retrieve resources from every Village Chest on the map by opening just one chest. This upgrade can greatly improve the player’s ability to gather resources quickly and efficiently.

The upgrade of the “Improvement: Shared Village Chests” enables players to refill their entire inventory with just one visit, providing significant value. By taking care of the Villages, players can guarantee a consistent supply of fundamental resources, enhancing their ability to construct defenses and reinforce their army.

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