One of the most sought-after mounts in Minecraft Legends is the Brilliant Beetle but this guy is the most annoying to find. The problem with finding this mount is that it is invisible and doesn’t appear until you get really close to it. Moreover, it doesn’t easily get marked on the map so in this guide, I will break down the location of Brilliant Beetle and some tips on how to make it appear in Minecraft Legends.

Where to Find Brilliant Beetle in Minecraft Legends

The Brilliant Beetle isn’t easy to find because the spawn locations are random. However, I was able to find it on two different playthroughs in the same location there are some tips I can offer.

First, don’t confuse the Jungle Biome with the Forest Biome; both are different and the Beetle only appears in the Jungle region. Secondly, the beetle won’t show up if there are enemies in the area so make sure to clear them all. Moreover, the Brilliant Beetle only appears near bodies of water like small ponds.

If you’re early in the game and haven’t cleared the Night Beacon I suggest you get on that before trying to find the Brilliant Beetle mount in Minecraft Legends. The Night Beacon is the root of darkness in the region and until it’s destroyed the night won’t go away, making it really hard to see in the Jungle.

Get rid of the Night Beacon to light up the jungle and improve your chance of finding the Brilliant Beetle.

Despite being the slowest mount available in Minecraft Legends, it’s not wise to overlook the Brilliant Beetle. Finding it can prove to be useful as it enables you to scale cliff faces and mountains, swim through the water at a rapid pace, and even take flight for short periods of time.

That’s everything you need to know to find the Brilliant Beetle in Minecraft Legends. We also have a guide on Big Beak so check it out if you’re looking to collect all mounts.

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