Minecraft is a game where players can interact and create anything and everything that their hearts desire. Minecraft Realms is the latest addition to the progressive franchise. Realms allows players to create their own private Minecraft servers. Now, a common problem many Minecraft players are experiencing is the frustrating “internal server error”. No need to worry, we’ve found several solutions for this exasperating issue, and you’ll be running the game in no time.

Last updated on July 31st, 2022 at 03:58 am

How To Fix The Internal Server Error

Let’s not state the obvious here, such as re-checking your internet connection, because we all know that technique rarely works. So, after thorough research into this matter in a careful manner, we’ve found the following solutions for the Minecraft Internal Server Error:

Update Realms to the latest version

To fix the Internal Server Error, first and foremost, you must check if you’re Minecraft is updated to the latest version. Devs at Mojang are continuously trying to add more interactive and engaging updates, such as new mobs or an additional enchantment, which doesn’t update to the latest version.

You can easily update to the latest version through the Realm launcher and it usually takes a few minutes. If all this seems like a hassle to you, then Minecraft can automatically install any updates if you tick the check box on the right side of the play button.

Delete Incompatible Plugins And Mods

Mods have revolutionized the game industry, especially Minecraft. The mods are created by hardcore fans who are trying to add a Pazzaz into the original game. Plugins, on the other hand, enhance the quality of life aspect of the game.

While these options are of good intent, there is an abundance of these plugins and mods and it can slow down your pc/laptop or mess up the game, especially with those plugins/mods that are incompatible with your system. These mods and plugins can also cause the Internal Server Error in Minecraft.

To solve this problem, first, you will need to identify the mods that are messing up with your game, and after that, you can then safely uninstall them by going into the main options menu in the resource pack.

The pack contains various mods and plugins you have downloaded but are not installed because they are incompatible with your system. So you can uninstall them instantly. If even this doesn’t fix the Internal Server Error in Minecraft, then you can try the following steps by accessing the main game files:

Step 1: find and open the Minecraft folder directory by typing %appdata% in the Windows command box.
Step 2: Open the folder titled “Minecraft”.
Step 3: locate the “Resource pack” folder, then delete the pack that you think is causing the problem.
Step 4: If shaders are the ones causing the problem, you can remove them from the “shaders pack” folder
Step 5: Check back into the MC realm server to see if the error is fixed.

Using A Private VPN Connection

The “internal server error 500” is not just related to Minecraft Realm but usually to the server generally. However, your network connection can sometimes be programmed by ISP to block some server traffic, which in return causes several internal server problems. You can easily use a VPN to find a path to access the blocked data you need to enter Realm servers. VPN not only provides a safe route toward blocked data but also ensures a fast and healthy connection to Minecraft servers.

I hope one of these solutions has worked for you, but in the unfortunate chance of these not working out, I advise you to read the guide again just to ensure that you haven’t missed any important detail in the solutions. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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