Minecraft Dungeons developers have rolled out new content today in the form of Jungle Awakens DLC. There are a few secret levels in the game, we have talked about the Dingy Jungle secret level in a previous guide. In this article, we will take you through the process of unlocking another secret level. Known as the Lower Temple this secret level is unlocked by following the steps below.

How to Unlock Secret Lower Temple Mission in Minecraft Dungeons

The good news is that to play this new secret mission you don’t need to buy the Jungle Awakens DLC. As long you update the game, this mission will be available to you. Open the mainland map and under the Desert Temple, you will see a locked mission. Travel to the Desert Temple, this is the location where you’ll unlock the Secret Temple Mission in Minecraft Dungeons.

Enter the Desert Temple and speed run your way to the first checkpoint with the Supplies crate. As you enter the next section you will get an objective, “find the golden key.” From this chamber head over to the southeast and locate a giant button to press. The button will unlock another chamber that has the golden key inside. Take the key and head back to the chamber where we got objective. Use the key in the keyhole to open the next section of the Dungeon.

Keep going until you reach the area with water and a platform over the water. From the middle of the platform go left. You will now find yourself in a new area. Move to the left and take the first right, as you move forward a bit, jump down the ledge to open a secret door with an Obsidian chest behind it. Grab the content of the chest and come out of the secret area, take a right to move upwards. Keep walking upwards and near the next wall to the left you will spawn another chest.

Now go back to the main path from where we jumped down to the ledge and follow the path forward. There is a button ahead, similar to the one we pressed before to find the Golden Key. Opposite from that button you will find two more down the path. Press all 3 and you will trigger a bridge. The bridge will take you to the lower temple scroll. After you get the scroll you will be able to unlock the Lower Temple in Minecraft Dungeons. The lower temple offers new weapons and artifact drops.

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