How To Redeem Chicken Pet And Hero Cape In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Cape

Our Minecraft Dungeons Guide will help you with how and where you can claim the Hero Cape and the Chicken Pet.

How To Claim Hero Cape And Chicken Pet

Hero Cape and Chicken Pet can be claimed as part of the Hero Edition of the game. Both of these are cosmetic items and have to effect on gameplay. Obviously, if you have purchased the Hero Edition, you can claim these items.

To redeem the Hero Cape and Chicken pet, start playing Minecraft Dungeons. Complete the tutorial and then go to your camp at the end of the Squid Coast mission.

As you reach the camp, open your inventory and then go to the cosmetic tab. Here the Hero Cape and the Chicken pet will be waiting for you.

As I mentioned before, both of these items hold no gameplay value. But, the cape does make you look good and seeing a chicken going around with you does make it fun.

That is all for our guide on how to claim the Hero Cape and Chicken Pet in the game. For more on the game also see our Best Weapons Guide and Enchanetment Points Guide.

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