Minecraft Dungeons Unique Weapons Guide – Best Weapons, Stats

Minecraft Dungeons unique weapons

Minecraft Dungeons features a ton of weapons but the best weapons are the Unique Weapons you find in the game. Minecraft Dungeons features unique weapons from every weapon type – ranged and melee. In this unique weapons guide we will go through all of the unique weapons in the game for you to find.

You find the best weapons in chests and loot boxes spread across the giant open world of Minecraft Dungeons. You can also buy weapons and enchantments from the Blacksmith, however, keep in mind that their stats can be very random.

All Minecraft Dungeons Unique Weapons

In total there are 11 unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Each weapon has its own stats, power level, and attack speed.

Unique Melee Weapons

Fangs of the Frost:  The Fangs of Frost is low power but high attack speed weapon. It is a dagger capable of freezing/slowing down mobs.

Highland Axe: The axe is a high power weapon but with slow attack speed. It has the regular axe’s spin attack but is also capable of stunning the enemies.

Fireband: Fire band is a high power axe with low attack speed. The axe has a burn effect on mobs when you hit.

Nightmare’s Bite: This weapon has an average attack speed and low power. However, Nighmare’s Bite sicles can spawn poison clouds when you attack the enemies.

Sun’s Grace:  This is a unique mace that has high power and low attack speed. The best feature of the Sun’s Grace is its ability to heal allies in an AoE.

Heartstealer: This is a unique claymore with extremely high power and does damage in a large area of effect. It basically drains your enemy’s HP over time.

Unique Ranged Weapons

Doom Crossbow: The unique crossbow has decent damage and is capable of an additional knockback effect in Minecraft.

Hunter’s Promise: This hunting bow comes with a chance to regain its ammo.

Red Snake: This unique longbow has a random chance on its arrowheads exploding on enemies.

Feral Soul Crossbow:  Comes with the souls crit boost.

These were all the unique weapons available in Minecraft Dungeons. Looking for more help? Check out the Minecraft Dungeons Wiki.

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