Items in Minecraft Dungeons are divided into different rarities with the unique items being the rarest and the best ones. These unique items boast perks that can make or break various endgame builds. Farming for these unique items, however, can be a little hit or miss. In this Minecraft Dungeons guide, we will give you an overview of all the unique items in the game, where to farm them, and the perks they come equipped with.

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items Locations

These orange-colored items are not tied to one or more specific locations. Depending on your RNG, you can find them absolutely everywhere and nowhere. However, one simple trick to increase their spawn rate is by playing on higher difficulty settings such as “Adventure” and “Apocalypse”. You can learn more about it in our Difficulty Settings guide.

Aside from playing on higher difficulties and hoping to get lucky, things like Treasure Pigs and Fancy Chests also have greater chances of yielding unique items. The secret Cow Level in the game can also provide some rare items. Lastly, if you are looking for a specific item, be sure to pay attention to your mission screen which shows you all the possible loot you can get from completing the mission.

All Unique Items

There are quite a few unique items that you can get your hands on in Minecraft Dungeons. In this section of the guide, we will provide you with an overview of all of them:


Archer’s Armor +15% movespeed aura +5 arrows per bundle +15% ranged damage N/A
Cave Crawler +50% artifact damage +20% weapon damage boost aura Gives you a pet bat N/A
Ember Robe +15% movespeed aura -25% artifact cooldown Burns Nearby Enemies N/A
Fox Armor Health potions heal nearby allies +20% weapon damage boost aura 30% chance to negate hits N/A
Frost Bite +30% ranged damage +100% Souls gathered Spawns a Snowy Companion N/A
Highland Armor +15% melee damage 20% damage reduction Gains Speed after Dodge N/A
Souldancer Robe +50% artifact damage +100% souls gathered 30% chance to negate hits N/A
Spider Armor +25% melee attack speed 3% life steal aura N/A N/A
Stalwart Armor 100% longer roll cooldown 30% chance to negate hits 35% damage reduction Potion use boosts defense
Wither Armor 3% life steal aura 35% Damage reduction +100% souls gathered Up N/A


Azure Seeker Increased Firerate Faster Projectiles
Bonebow Arrows grow in size N/A
Bow of Lost Souls Multishot chance N/A
Butterfly Crossbow Shoots Two Enemies At Once High Firerate
Doom Crossbow Additional Knockback Powerful Shots
Elite Power Bow Greater damage Strong Charged Attacks
Feral Soul +2 Soul Gathering Souls Critical Boost
Firebolt Thrower Chance for Chain Reaction N/A
Guardian Bow Super Charged Arrows Strong Charged Attacks
Hunter’s Promise Chance to Regain Arrows Pets Attack Targeted Mobs
Imploding Crossbow Pulls in enemies N/A
Lightning Harp Crossbow Chance to ricochet Multiple Projectiles
Master’s Bow Extra Damage Dealt Pets Attack Targeted Mobs
Mechanical Shortbow Accelerated Fire Rate N/A
Red Snake Chance for arrows to explode Strong charged attacks
Slayer Crossbow Chance to ricochet Powerful Shots
The Green Menace Spawns Poison Clouds Hits Multiple Targets
The Pink Scoundrel Hits Multiple Targets Chance to Enrage Mobs
The Slicer Faster Projectiles Chance to fire piercing bolts
Twin Bow Shoots two enemies at once N/A
Voidcaller +2 soul gathering Pulls enemies in

Melee Weapons

Broadsword Powerful Pushback Extra Damage N/A
Cursed Axe Defeated mobs explode N/A N/A
Dancer’s Sword Reliable combo Increase attack speed N/A
Dark Katana Additional damage to Undead N/A N/A
Diamond Pickaxe Finds More Emeralds N/A N/A
Diamond Sword Extra damage N/A N/A
Eternal Knife +2 Soul gathering Thrust attack Chance to gain souls
Fangs of Frost Dual Wield Slows Mobs
Fighter’s Bindings Boosts Attack Speed Turbo Punches N/A
Firebrand Axe Burns enemies N/A N/A
Flail Binds and chains enemies N/A N/A
Fortune Spear Drops more consumables N/A N/A
Frost Scythe Slows mobs +2 Soul Gathering N/A
Grave Bane Extra Damage to Undead Long Melee Reach N/A
Hammer of Gravity Great splash Pulls in enemies N/A
Hawkbrand Increases critical hit chance N/A N/A
Heartstealer Powerful pushback Leeches health from mobs N/A
Highland Axe Spin attack Stuns Mobs N/A
Jailor’s Scythe +2 soul gathering Binds and chains enemies N/A
Maulers Relentless Combo Increases attack speed N/A
Nameless Blade Reliable combo Weakens enemy attacks N/A
Nightmare’s Bite Dual Wield Spawns Poison Clouds N/A
Soul Fists Souls Critical Boost N/A N/A
Sun’s Grace Mace Heals allies in the area N/A N/A
The Last Laugh Mobs Drop More Emeralds Dual Wield N/A
Truthseeker +2 Soul Gathering Thrust attack Increased damage to wounded mobs
Venom Glaive Spawns Poison Clouds Long Melee Reach N/A
Whirlwind Casts shockwave N/A N/A
Whispering Spear Long Melee Reach Sometimes Strikes Twice N/A

These are all the unique items you can find in Minecraft Dungeons. For more help on the game, you can check out our Minecraft Dungeons wiki guides.

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