Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Caves Puzzles Guide – How to Solve

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Caves Puzzles

Soggy Saves is one of the puzzles in Minecraft Dungeons and once you are able to unlock the dungeon, you will need to complete two basic puzzles in order to move forward and progress. In this guide we will give you the solutions for both Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Caves puzzles.

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Saves Puzzles

As mentioned, there are two puzzles that need to be solved to progress and get the Obsidian Chest. The puzzles are pretty simple as all you need to do is form a connection between the red blocks. You need to find a way to connect the first red block with the last one. In the Soggy Saves you will come across multiple versions of the same puzzle and the number of blocks that need to be connected change. Since the two puzzles have random designs it is hard to create a pattern in Minecraft Dungeons. However, the button patterns remain the same which means we can still provide solutions for the Soggy Caves puzzles.

Soggy Caves Puzzle #1

Puzzle number 1 has two buttons and there no Redstone blocks are ready up which means the right button won’t work at first. The button to your left will bring up the middle block. Use the left button to bring up the middle block, this will activate the right button. The right button can now be used to lower the most recent block and put up another. The goal is to have the middle block go up and down, and the one on the other side goes up, which allows you to raise the middle block. Keep repeating the process until two side blocks are up, and then use the left button to put up the middle block.

Soggy Caves Puzzle #2

Now, we move on to the second puzzle where you will see four buttons. One of the buttons will probably be raised up. From left to right, the first button will lower the most recent block while raising the one directly behind it. The second button raises the second and fourth blocks as well as lowers them. The third button is used to raise and lower all three of the middle blocks. Finally, the fourth button will lower the most recent block and raise the one in front of it.

Based on what Redstone blocks you have you must find a combination. Get the first and fifth block up and use the third button to complete the set.

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