There are a total of 5 secret levels that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons. Some of these secret levels require you to simply find a hidden location while others need more legwork. In this Minecraft Dungeons Secret Levels Locations Guide, we have shared the locations of all of them in the game.


Minecraft Dungeons Secret Levels Locations

You can think of these secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons as optional quests which are not connected to the main storyline but offer additional content and rewards.

Aside from this, given the procedurally-generated nature of Minecraft Dungeons, the path leading to a secret level can vary but they will always be found in the same location. The following are the locations of all the secret levels that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons.

Creepy Crypt

To find the Creepy Crypt secret level, you need to find the structure that has a couple of Redstone bricks right next to a button. To find it, try to wander off the main path after freeing your first villager and look for the said structure.

Soggy Cave

There are a few locations where the entrance to the Soggy Cave can spawn. Some players have reported that they were able to find the entrance to the dungeon right before the Corrupted Cauldron fight. Another reported location is on the far-left of the map during the second-half of the mission.

Arch Haven

This has to be the most difficult and frustrating secret level to find in Minecraft Dungeon. In order to find it, you must locate a randomly-generated pirate ship on the map. Now the problem here is that the ship can actually take ages to spawn so it’s sheer luck and RNG when and where you find it.

Secret Cow Level

To find this secret mission, you first need to complete Minecraft Dungeon on “Normal” difficulty and then find a total of nine runes all around the game. Once you have found all nine runes, return to the church right next to your camp and go to the rune wall inside the church to deposit them and access the secret Cow Level from Diablo 2.


While Arch Haven is the toughest, Underhalls is arguably the easiest secret level to find in Minecraft Dungeons. This is due to the fact that the spawn rate of the level is fairly common, making it very easy to find it. What you are looking for is a building with shields on either sides of it – one of the shields is actually a switch that you need to press in order to access the building. More often than not, you will find the location at the very start of the Highblock Halls mission.

These are all the locations of secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons. For more help on the game, you can check out our Minecraft Dungeons wiki guides.