Progress through Minecraft Dungeons and you will come to the Redstone Mines. Here you will encounter the Redstone Golem boss. In this Minecraft Dungeons guide, we are going to walk you through how you can beat the Redstone Golem in the game.

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem

In order to beat the Redstone Golem, you will have to turn his own attacks against him. Luckily the boss only has two attacks. A powerful melee move and a move that summons bombs in the arena. Both of these attacks do a lot of damage so you will need to be prepared.

You need to prepare to defend yourself. Especially if you are playing solo. Increase your health, damage resistance and healing. This will make sure that the boss does not kill you quickly. You can use animal companions to distract the boss and stay safe.

When the Golem summons the bombs, they will have small fields around them. If you stand in the field they will explode. They will disappear after some time but the Golem can summon them again. The Golem is going to stop moving when summoning the bombs. This will be useful as it allows you to do damage sagely.

Move around the bombs carefully so that they are between him and you. Then let him move towards you. The Golem cannot trigger the bombs so you will need to trigger them and step out of harm’s way. The blast will hurt the Golem. This is a risky way to do things but it does a lot of damage.

Just like the other boss enemies in Minecraft Dungeons, the Redstone Golem drops a lot of emeralds. There is also a chance that the boss will drop a valuable item. The level ends after the boss fight so you have the chance to get even more items and a special chest.

That is all for our Minecraft Dungeons Redsont Golem boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides hub.

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