Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide – All Enchantments, Effects

Minecraft Dungeons enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons players need enchantments to boost their armor and weapons and add special effects. Enchantments can be added to weapons as well as armor. There are only two types of weapons in the game, ranged and melee. Each weapon type has its own list of enchantments. In this guide we will discuss everything we know about the enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

All Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments

To get enchantments on your gear you need enchantments points. To get these points you need to level up your character and the best way to do that is playing on higher difficulty settings. You can also use the enchantment points you spent on old gear by salvaging them.

Ranged Weapon Enchantments

The following are the 15 ranged weapon enchantments you will find in Minecraft Dungeons.

Enchantments  Effects 
Power  Increased arrow damage 
Rapid Fire  Increased attack speed 
Accelerate   Increased attack speed for each consecutive attack 
Supercharge  Increase damage and pushback effect of charged shots. 
Fused Shot  Shot a timed charge that explodes after 1 second. 
Piercing  Projectiles will pierce through multiple enemies. 
Growing  Projectiles grow while in the air; the longer they travel the higher the damage. 
Ricochet  Arrows have a chance of ricocheting off of mobs. 
Radiance Shot  20% chance of a healing area spawn that heals allies. Upgrade the enchantment to boost its healing effect. 
Infinity  Get a chance to replenish arrows after shooting them. 
Punch  Increased pushback effects. 
Unchanting  Increased damage to enchanted enemies. 
Bonus Shot  Each shot shoots an additional arrow at a nearby enemy which does slightly lower damage. Upgrade the enchantment to deal more damage. 
Wild Rage  Hit an enemy for a chance to send it into a rage which makes it hostile to all enemies as well as you. 
Multishot  Get a chance to shoot 5 arrows at once. 

 Melee Weapon Enchantments

The following are the 17 melee weapon enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

Enchantments  Effects 
Sharpness  Increased weapon damage per level. 
Stunning  Get a chance to stun enemies. 
Freezing  Slow mobs for 3s. 
Leeching  Heal your character for a  portion of the defeated mob’s HP. 
Rampaging  Defeat a mob for a chance to get 50% attack speed. 
Fire Aspect  Enemies catch fire when you hit them. They get fire damage over time. 
Poison Cloud  Get a 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that does damage over time. 
Thundering  Get a 30% chance to summon a lightning strike on nearby enemies. 
Soul Siphon  Hit an enemy for a 10% chance to get more souls. 
Smiting  Undead enemies take more damage. 
Weakening  Hit enemies to decrease their attack damage for 5s. 
Chains  Get a 30% chance to bind enemies together for a short time. 
Looting  Increased chance of mods dropping consumables. 
Echo  Perform an additional attack after performing an attack in rapid succession. 
Prospector  Enemies drop more Emeralds. 
Committed  Wounded enemies take more damage. 

 Armor Enchantments

The following are the 18 armor enchantments in the new Minecraft.

Enchantments  Effects 
Food Reserves  Use a healing potion for a chance to create a random food item. 
Deflect  Get a chance to deflect enemy projectiles. 
Potion Barrier  Use a healing potion for a chance to reduce damage taken by 90% for a short time. 
Surprise Gift  Use a healing potion for a chance to create a random consumable. 
Swiftfooted  Dodge to increase movements speed for a short time. 
Electrified  Use dodge roll to electrocute nearby enemies. 
Fire Tail  Use doge roll to create a flame behind you that does fire damage to enemies over time. 
Burning  Enemies in melee range get damage every 0.5 seconds. 
Throns  Take damage to return damage to enemies. Effect can go up to 200%. 
Soul Speed  Gather enemy soul to get additional movement speed. 
Snowball  Shoot a snowball that stuns enemies. 
Recycle  Get hit by projectiles to get a chance to craft a quiver of arrows. 
Health Synergy  Trigger an artifact to regen a tiny amount of HP. 
Cool Down  Reduce artifact cooldowns. 
Frenzied  When below 50% HP get increased attack speed. 
Cowardice  Be at full HP to get increased melee and ranged damage. 
Explorer  Explore 100 blocks on every map to get a small amount of HP. 

 These were all of the enchantments and their effects in the game. Need more help with Minecraft Dungeons? Check out the Wiki page.

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