Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds Farming Guide: How to Farm, Farming Locations

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds

Minecraft Dungeons has something called emeralds, these are green gems that you get by playing the game. Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons are used as in-game currency and thus, there are ways to farm emeralds. In this guide we will take you through the farming process of emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons, and give you farming locations and tips as well.

Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds Farming Tips and Locations

As I mentioned, emeralds are green little gems and when you kill an enemy, there is a strong chance that emeralds will drop. You will need emeralds to use at the Blacksmith or the Wandering Trader whenever you visit the camp. The Wandering Trader gives you a random weapon, armor piece, or a random artifact. Needless to say, emeralds play a crucial role in your progression when playing Minecraft Dungeons. You will need to get your hands on as many of these green gems as you can.

Enhancements Play a Role

One way to get yourself more emeralds is to use certain types of enhancements and unique items. Some enchantments and artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons have effects that raise the emerald drop rate. At the time of this writing, there are three enchantments and unique items that give you emeralds.

  1. The Last Laugh – Unique Weapon
  2. Prospector – Melee Enchantment
  3. Diamond Pickaxe – Unique Weapon

The two most important things here are The Last Laugh unique weapon and the Prospector enchantment. Combining The Last Laugh unique weapon with the Prospector enchantment will give you an increased chance of farming emeralds fast in Minecraft Dungeons. Find The Last Laugh, a weapon that comes with increased attack speed, add any enchantment that increases its attack speed even further.

Best Emeralds Farming Tips

While it depends on your preference, we suggest that you play Minecraft Dungeons on higher difficulty levels. Playing on a higher difficulty level will give you a better chance of farming emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons; the drop rate should increase.

Playing the game on higher difficulty will drop more emeralds but that doesn’t mean tougher enemies will drop more. The best way to farm emeralds is to face easy to kill enemies. Killing tougher enemies isn’t worth as it takes longer and the emeralds drop rate is pretty much the same for tougher and easier enemies and levels. Run easier levels such as the Soggy Swamp, Creeper Woods, and the Pumpkin Pastures. Get yourself the Death Cap Mushroom which further boosts your attack speed, helping you kill enemies faster.

You can get emeralds by breaking vases as well so break as many as you can find, visit the Desert Temple where many vases can be found. There is a secret mission location called the Creeper Crypt. If you manage to unlock this mission you can farm emeralds with ease. Creeper Crypt has a number of chests with emeralds inside. Don’t forget you add one pig per level, when the piggy bank erupts it will give you a lot of emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons.

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