There are 3 difficulty settings in Minecraft Dungeons – Default, Adventure, Apocalypse. As the name suggests, you start the game on “Default” and must unlock Adventure and Apocalypse. In this Minecraft Dungeons guide, we will walk you through different difficulty settings in the game, unlocking them, differences, and changing them.

Minecraft Dungeons Difficulty Settings

There are a few reasons why you would want to play on a higher difficulty. Not only enemies provide a tougher challenge, but you will also unlock powerful enchantments, better rewards, and more artifacts.

First, let us talk about the differences among 3 difficulty settings featured in Minecraft Dungeons.


  • Enemies are balanced for a first playthrough.
  • Very few enchanted enemies.
  • Rewards are average.


  • Enemies are hard to defeat and hit hard.
  • New enemy enchantments.
  • Rewards are better.
  • New gear and artifacts available.


  • Enemies are ultra beefy and ultra punishing.
  • Lots of enemies with powerful enchantments.
  • Rewards are ultra good.
  • Even more gear and artifacts available.

As for unlocking the additional difficulty settings, you need to defeat the Arch-Illager on “Default” to unlock “Adventure” and defeat him on “Adventure” to unlock “Apocalypse”.

How to Change Difficulty

To change your difficulty settings in Minecraft Dungeons, you need to go to the mission menu and change it from the dropdown menu. The mission screen will also show you plenty of useful information including your power, possible gear drops, artifacts, and recommended power.

It is a good idea to go through these things before starting a mission and prepare accordingly. If you think you are unable to tackle a mission on a higher difficulty, feel free to revert to a lower one, level up a little, and then try again.

The screen will also help you out if you are looking to farm a specific gear, artifact, etc. that you have not found yet. If you are looking to power level through the game, be sure to check out our detailed EXP Farming Tips for more info.

This is all we have got in our Minecraft Dungeons difficulty settings guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our Minecraft Dungeons wiki guides.

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