Our Minecraft Dungeons Guide will help you with how you can access the Cow Level as it takes a bit of work to find it.

How To Access The Cow Level

Diablo 2 Cow level is infamous with Diablo fans as it was featured in Diablo 2. Minecraft Dungeons has a cow level of its own as an easter egg.

To get to the Cow Level in Micecraft Dungeons, first complete the game on the default difficulty. After that, the drawbridge in your camp will drop-down.

Go across to the new area and keep exploring until you find a church. The church is full of images of developers. At the end of the room there is a picture of a dog, interact with it.

The picture will change and you’ll see only 10 locations. Go to each location and find the hidden rune there. These runes are hidden behind switches or a small block that looks a bit different.

Given the procedural generation nature of the game. There is no set location, you need to explore and find the runes. Once you have all the runes, go back ot the church and interact with the large golden button. This will transport you to the Cow level.

That is all for our guide on how to access the Diablo 2 Cow level in Minecraft Dungeons. For more on the game also see our Best Weapons Guide and Enchantment Points Guide.

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