Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons Guide – Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons

Minecraft Dungeons best weapons

Minecraft Dungeons has two types of weapons – ranged and melee. There are a ton of weapons in Minecraft Dungeons but which ones are the best weapons? Well, you can go after the hard to find Unique Weapons which surely are the best in Minecraft Dungeons. But until you can get your hands on those, knowing which melee and ranged weapons are the best will really help progression in the new Minecraft.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons

Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons rely on power levels which means the higher the power level the more damage you can do. Moreover, you can place enchantments on melee and ranged weapons to further boost their effectiveness in battle.  Mojang has also added artifacts that you can combine with your weapons to increase DPS.

Best Melee Weapons

The best melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons range from both daggers and swords. Melee weapons are used in close proximity and are capable of dealing a decent amount of damage. However, the more damage a melee weapon does the lower its attack speed usually is, and vice versa.

Axe: The base axe comes with average attack power and low attack speed. But its third attack can do a 360-degree spin attack which comes in handy when dealing with mobs.

Pickaxe: If you are looking for something more powerful, the Pickaxe should be your weapon of choice. It can do a ton of damage but its heavy which means low attack speed. Also, the Pickaxe can only do a frontal dash attack.

Glaive:  It is a high power weapon that does downward slashes and a frontal cone AoE swing at the enemies. Glaive has low attack speed but does good damage.

Sickle: If you prefer a slightly faster weapon then go for the Sickle. It has average attack speed and good enough damage. Sickles does four quick slashes and a cross frontal strike.

Great Hammer: This melee weapon is one of the best in Minecraft. It has very high attack power and is similar to the soul knife in terms of damage. It can perform a ground smash that damages multiple enemies. Beware of very low attack speed though.

Best Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are more helpful compared to melee weapons. Often you will have to keep your distance from the enemy, especially when facing bosses. The following the best-ranged weapons from Minecraft Dungeons.

Scatter Bow: This is a high-speed weapon and does good damage. The Scatter Bow doesn’t have a charged shot but you can fire three projectiles while consuming one arrow.

Soul Crossbow: This is a high-power weapon with low attack speed. However, it increases the number of Souls you get from dead enemies.

Rapid Crossbow: This crossbow lacks attack power but makes up for it with extremely high attack speed.

Exploding Crossbow: As the name suggests, the Exploding Crossbow does very high damage. All projectiles it fires explode on impact.

Power Bow: The power bow does very high damage and has a powerful charged shot.

Trick Bow: This one is a must-have in your inventory. The Trick Bow shoots wavy shots that track enemies and do good damage.

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