Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments Guide

Minecraft Dungeons best enchantments

Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons features a ton of enchantments but which ones are the best? Enchantments go on weapons and armor so you can change, adjust, and improve their stats and effects. Your gear gets special abilities and who doesn’t like special powers on their armor and weapons in Minecraft? In this guide we will quickly go through what we think are the best enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons. If you want to know about all of the enchantments in Minecraft, there is a different guide for it on our Wiki section.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

To enchant your weapons and armor you need to level up your character and earn enchantment points. Use these points to boost your armor and weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. The best way to get more enchantment points is to play the game on higher difficulty tiers. Moreover, you can salvage your old armor and weapons to earn back the enchantment points you spent on them which means you never really lose the enchantment points you earn. Salvage enchantment points from old gear and spent it on the new, better gear you found in Minecraft Dungeons.

All enchantments you find in Minecraft Dungeons have special traits that are applied to your weapons and armor.

Best Weapon Enchantments

The following best weapon enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons. There are  11 in total.

Enchantment  Effects Tier 1  Tier 2  Tier 3 
Weakening  Your hits will decrease attack damage of all nearby enemies. The effect lasts for 5s.  20% reduced damage  -30% reduced damage  -40% reduced damage 
Prospector  Enemies drop more Emeralds. It can be used for Emeralds farming.  +100 increased chance  +200% increased chance  +300% increased chance 
Fire Aspect  Mobs catch fire for 3s, get damage over time.  7 damage per second  9 damage per second  11 damage per second 
Committed  Wounded enemies get additional damage.  0-50% bonus damage  0-75% bonus damage  0-100% bonus damage 
Multishot  Chance to shoot five fire arrows at once.  20% chance to trigger  30% chance to trigger  40% chance to trigger 
Rampaging  Defeat the mob for a 10% chance to get a +50% attack speed boost for a short time.  5 seconds duration  10 seconds duration  15 seconds duration 
Looting  Increased chance of mobs dropping consumables.  +100% increased chance  +200% increased chance  +300% increased chance 
Smithing  Do more damage to the undead.  +20% increased damage  +30% increased damage  +40% increased damage 
Wild Rage  Hit an enemy for a chance to make it rage, making it hostile for everyone.  20% chance to trigger  30% chance to trigger  40% chance to trigger 
Piercing  Arrows sometimes get a piercing effect which allows them to pierce through multiple enemies.  Every 3rd arrow  Every 2nd arrow  Every arrow 
Chains  30% chance of clustering the mob together and bound them for a short time.  1-second duration  2-second duration  3-second duration 

 Best Armor Enchantments

The following the are best armor enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

Enchantments  Effects  Tier 1  Tier 2  Tier 3 
Cowardice  Be at full HP to deal additional ranged and melee damage.  +20% increased ranged and melee damage  +30% increased ranged and melee damage  +40% increased ranged and melee damage 
Health Synergy  When you activate an artifact, you gain some HP back.  3% health regained  4% health regained  5% health regained 
Fire Trail  Roll to create a trail of fire behind you which does damage to enemies for 4s.  9 fire damage  17 fire damage  26 fire damage 
Deflect  Get a chance to deflect enemy projectiles  20% chance to trigger  40% chance to trigger  60% chance to trigger 
Explorer  Every 100 blocks explored gets you a small amount of HP.  0.3% health regained  0.7% health regained  1.0% health regained 
Speed Synergy  Activate any artifact to get a 20% movement speed.  1-second duration  2-second duration  3-second duration 
Surprise Gift  Use a healing potion for a chance to create random consumables.  50% chance to trigger  100% chance to trigger  150% chance to trigger 
Thorns  Take damage to deal damage back to the attacker.  100% damage returned  150% damage returned  200% damage returned 
Burning  Roll to gain movement speed for 3s.  +30% movement speed  +40% movement speed  +50% movement speed 
Snowball  Fires a snowball at nearby enemies to stun them.  Triggers every 5 seconds  Triggers every 3 seconds  Triggers every second 
Potion Barrier  Use a healing potion to take –90% damage for a short time.  5 seconds duration  7seconds duration  9 seconds duration 

 Head to the main camp and access the inventory screen to use enchantments.

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