Minecraft Dungeon Creeping Winter Armor Sets Guide

Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter Armor sets

The new Minecraft Dungeons DLC brings us artifacts, weapons, and most importantly unique armor sets. The Creeping Winter armor sets are easy to find and give you special effects and perks. In this guide, we will discuss all Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter armor sets and their locations.

Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter Armor Sets Locations, Effects, And More

There are 4 new pieces of armor sets in Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter. You can find some armor as part of the loot pool in certain locations while other sets are bought from luxury merchants.

Armor Sets  Abilities Stats  Locations/How to Get 
Ghostly Armor (Common, Rare)  Briefly gain Ghost Form when rolling 

30% chance to negate hits 


HP: 5196 

Daily Trials 
Frost Armor (Unique)  Emits a Chilling Aura 

35% Damage Reduction 

50% Freezing Resistance 

n/a  Lone Fortress 

Lost Settlement 

Luxury Merchant 

Snow Armor (Common)  +X health 

+35% Damage Reduction 

+50% Freezing Resistance 

n/a  Lone Fortress 

Lost Settlement 

Mystery Merchant 

Luxury Merchant 

Beenest Armor (Common, Rare)      Daily Trials 

These were all of the Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter armor. You can also check out the new artifacts or head over to the Minecraft Dungeons Wiki for all things Minecraft. Minecraft Dungeons DLC is now available through the Microsoft Store, Xbox Marketplace, and PlayStation Store.

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