Welcome to the Hitman 3 Mile High Assassination Challenge guide! If you’re looking to take on one of the game’s most thrilling and challenging assassinations, you’ve come to the right place. The Mile High Drop Assassination in Hitman 3 is a
test of skill and planning and requires a careful approach to pull off. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to completing this challenging assassination and tips and tricks so you’ll be able to navigate the complex environment of the Dubai level and complete the various tasks necessary to finish the challenge.

Not only will you level up your Mastery Level, but you’ll also be rewarded with unlockable weapons and equipment. So put on your best suit, grab your silenced pistol, and get ready to take on the Mile High Drop Assassination in Hitman 3. Let’s get started!

Objective: Kill both targets while skydiving

How to Complete Mile-High Drop Assassination

In the mile-high assassination challenge, you must get an Evacuation Keycard and trigger the alarm in the hotel. The objective is to kill both targets while they are in the air, skydiving.

How to Get the Evacuation Keycard

To get the Evacuation Card, go to the Security Room on Level 3 and enter the code “6927” to open the safe. Inside, you’ll find the Evacuation Card. Take the card and make your way to the penthouse. You need the Evacuation Card to use downstairs, near the study, and upstairs, near the room where two staff members are currently cleaning.

Method #1: Sabotage the Parachutes

Go to the penthouse and grab a knife from the kitchen. Make your way to the V-shaped hallway surrounding the Study room, where you will find two red boxes on the wall which hold the parachutes. You have to sabotage both parachutes.

However, they must be cautious as there may be guards nearby discussing the evacuation drill, and they should wait for them to leave before attempting to sabotage the parachutes.

Method #2: Shoot the Parachutes

If you don’t want to go through the headache of sabotaging the parachutes, you can always shoot both targets out of the air to complete the Mile-High Drop assassination challenge. Make your way to the landing pad, where you’ll learn that the helicopter is not ready for takeoff, so the targets are forced to jump off the Penthouse. Wait for them to jump off and then shoot the parachutes to take them both out.

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