How to Complete Mile High Drop Assassination Challenge in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 mile high drop challenge

Mile High Drop is an Assassin Challenge in Dubai level in Hitman 3. In it, you have to eliminate all the targets that are air parachuting. This guide will include all the details on how to do the Mile High Drop challenge in the mission easily.   

Hitman 3 Mile High Drop Assassination Challenge

The first thing to do is get to the eastern security room on the second level. Here you will have to obtain an evacuation keycard. Inside the room, there is a wall safe where you have to input the code 6-9-2-7 to open.

There is also a keycard inside a security room on the third floor but having one is enough. Next is to the fourth floor and acquire a penthouse security outfit so that you can easily go inside the Penthouse.


Acquire a knife from the kitchen in the Penthouse and go over to the parachutes right of the dining room. There will be two parachutes and a keycard slot here. Look around and if no guards are present sabotage the parachutes.

After the sabotage, you will have to use your key on the keycard near the parachutes and then take the stairs and use the key on the other keycard. It will start the evacuation for the two victims.

After this, the victims talk to each other and the pilot and are escorted away. Maintain your distance as they will shoot you if you come close. After that, both victims will jump from the skyscraper using the sabotaged parachutes and fall to their deaths. You will now complete the challenge and will get 4000 mastery level experience for Dubai.

And that’s how you complete the mile-high drop assassination challenge. Need more help? Check out Hitman 3 Bird of Prey mission story, Dubai Helicopter Key Location, Dartmoor Feets challenges, and Dartmoor Assassination challenges guide.

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