The Midnight Suns has a special breed of a hunter called ” The Hunter,” possessing unique and powerful abilities, and it sets her apart from other heroes. Her skills and abilities are unparalleled in the hunter world, allowing her to take on any foe or challenge. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything about The Hunter’s Skills and Abilities in Midnight Suns.

The Hunter Skills and Abilities

What makes “The Hunter” so particular is that the hero is fully customizable. This means players can change it to fit their play style and preferences. This character excels in healing and support and can drown enemies correctly. However, it all depends on how you handle this character.

“The Hunter” is customizable, but I recommend adding them to your party as the healer. This is because only a limited number of heroes have magic healing properties, and “The Hunter” is one of them. Additionally, it will cost her zero Heroism. However, you cannot simply use it for some action in the battle; you need to balance the character’s abilities so that they can access the perfect balance of powerful moves and healing magic. After doing this, you can be assured you have created a terminator.

You can choose to be on the light or dark side in “The Hunter.” Light attacks are dealt with if you choose the lighter path, and vice versa for darkness. The great thing is that you’re not locked into one area of the spectrum; you can shift whenever desired.

No Name of the CardType of CardCard DescriptionHeroism Required
1Bladestorm (Neutral)(Ultimate)AOE AttackDamage and Forceful Knockback of each enemy in an area.4
2Quick Slash (Neutral)Quick AttackQuick
3Slash (Neutral)AttackForceful knockback
4Charge (Neutral)AttackForceful knockback
5Heal (Light)SupportRestore [randomized amount] of health
6Holy Spark (Light)Support / Quick AttackDamage an enemy or cure an ally
7Whip (Dark)(Heroic)AttackKnockback in any direction. Discard a random card1
8Fortify (Neutral)SupportGain 1 counter and [randomized amount] of the block.
9Holy Burst (Light)(Heroic)Support / AOE AttackDamage each enemy and restore [randomized amount] of health to each ally in an area.2
10Holy Gift (Light)BuffThe next Hunter card played is not discarded
11Merciless (Dark)BuffIf the target has Stun, + [randomized amount] of damage
12Summon Charlie (Neutral)SupportSummon Charlie for 2 turns. Draw 2 Charlie cards.4
13Morning Star (Light)BuffGive All Morning Star cards [randomized amount] of damage.
14Fury (Neutral)(Heroic)AttackApply 1 Vulnerable2
15Guarding Strike (Neutral)(Heroic)SupportWhile in hand, gain [randomized amount] of block each turn1
16Patience (Neutral)(Heroic)AttackWhile in hand, reduce the cost of this card by 1 each turn.6 (lowers each turn)
17Wrath (Neutral)BuffGive Hunter cards in hand critical. All Hunter cards are critical when drawn for the next 2 turns.
18Deadly Ground (Neutral)AttackSummon a Light and Dark explosive from the ground.
19Mindbender (Dark)AttackTarget an enemy. They attack their nearest ally.
20Call to Arms (Light)SupportDouble all Heroism gains for 2 turns.
21Dark Blessing (Dark)BuffUpgrade all cards in your hand until they’re played or discarded. Hunter takes [randomized amount] of damage
22Guarding Strike (Neutral)(Heroic)AttackWhile in hand, gain [randomized amount] of the block every turn1
23Inspire (Light)BuffChange the cost of a random Heroic card in your hand to 0.
24Bands of Fire (Light)(Heroic)AttackKnockback in any direction.1

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