Marvel’s Midnight Suns is full of unexpected treats, from introducing characters that aren’t even featured in the game to captivating journal entries that will expand your appreciation for its narrative and backstory. So, finding the collectibles is essential if you want to win this tactical role-playing game. One of those items you must locate is Tarot Cards – an item that can be found in various locations within the game. The game takes you on an exciting journey through the Abbey, home of your beloved superhero! Along the way, discover hidden tarot cards which feature a hero.

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If you’re looking to add Tarot Cards to your collection, know that some can be more difficult than others. An excellent way to increase your chances of finding them is by searching open areas – that’s how I got some of them. Conversely, some spots can provide an actual deep-water experience due to their secluded location. To unlock secret locations by harnessing the power of Word of Power abilities. Undoubtedly, discovering the cards is a side quest; however, it’s worth the effort as they feature stunning artwork alongside beloved characters. In this guide, you’ll learn the location of the All Tarot Card in Midnight Suns! With these instructions, you can easily find it and make your journey successful.

Where To Find All 12 Tarot Cards

Tarot Card NoTarot Card NameWhere To Find
1The StarStep into the Forge Room, turn right, and find it on a countertop.
2The MoonStep into the Forge Room and find it on a table on the right side. 
3StrengthMake your way towards the Chapel at the Abbey.
4The SunThe Trial of Elder Gods’ second day finds it near the pool.
5TemperanceFind it near adjacent rocks at Dreamer’s Descent entrance.
6The Wheel of FortuneUnlock the first Broken Moon Seal to Enter Agatha Altar (Oshtun Cavern); find it at the shrine top.
7DeathTraverse the mountaintop path from Agatha Altar to locate the card on the precipitous cliffside.
8JusticeReach the broken window on the backside of the Agatha Altar.
9The HermitEnter the Whispering Woods and find a tree stump to reach the top.
10The High PriestessFollows the Standing Stone path and finds it near the stone pillar.
11The ExpressFinds a big Celtic Cross graveyard in Hiram Shaw Church.
12The WorldNear Agatha’s Cottage, find a building and go inside.
13The EmperorEverflowing Glade’s path and near the statue on the left.
14The HierophantNext broken cart on Hiram Shaw Church’s backside.
15The Hanged ManRevel the bridge through the second Broken Moon Seal and find it on a stone near Agatha’s Altar.
16The LoversEnter the Garden of Envy’s small graveyard. To reach there, you need to use the Open Word of Power.
17The ChariotNext to Lilith’s Garden, a bridge will reveal through the second Broken Moon Seal and over the stone.
18The Judgement Use the fourth Moon Seal to Misty Moors and find it inside a broken well.
19The DevilNorth Side of The Judgement Card.
20The FoolUse the fourth Moon Seal to access Gideon Cross and find it at Altar’s Top.
21The TowerUse the fourth Moon Seal to access the Unknown Grave and find it nearby the grave
22The MagicianUse the fourth Moon Seal to pass through the wall near the Dreamer Descent area.

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