Abbey is full of mysteries, with much more to explore than players might think. One such mystery is finding the old statues. Finding these statues will give you your tribute to the old Midnight Suns who lost their lives while stopping the mother of demons, Lilith. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to find the Old Statues in Abbey within Midnight Sun territory.

Midnight Suns Old Statues Locations

To start this quest, you’ll need to find the statue hidden in the Abbey. Pay tribute to it, and if it accepts your offering, its eyes will light up, signifying the quest’s beginning. I’ve listed all four Old Statues you’ll need to find below:

  • Yelena Nicovice
  • Endra Moor
  • Will Walker
  • Jeremiah Kain

Yelena Nicovice Location

The first statue is located on the training grounds of the Abbey. To find it, depart from the Abbey and head towards the training grounds. Once you reach the Grounds, keep moving until you see a bridge crossing over a Grotto. On the other side of this Grotto, you will find Yelena Nicovice -the first statue. Repeat the same process; interact with the statute and pay tribute.

Endra Moor Location

After you complete the Trial of Atum, you will be given a Word of Power. With this, you can start your journey to find the second statue. You can use this power to pass through a broken bridge easily. Once you have crossed the bridge, swing slightly towards the right, and Endra Moor -the second statue- should be within sight. Repeat the same process with this statute; interact and pay tribute.

Will Walker Location

Near the wooden bridge, you will find the Everflowing Glade. Cross this bridge and head south until you reach a narrow path on your left. Follow this path until you reach Will Walker -the third statue. Repeat the same process; interact with the statute and pay tribute.

Jeremiah Kain Location

After you’ve unlocked all four Words of Power, go to the Garden of Envy in search of the last statue. When you face Lilith’s greenhouse, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Take the path on your right that takes you under a bridge until you hear “the Devil’s Den.” That is where Jeremiah Kain -the fourth and final statue- is located. Just like before, interact with the statue and pay tribute.

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  1. Are they random? I got Jeremiah in the Abbey grounds and Endra by the standing stones. The other two are still locked by progression.

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