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Midnight Suns Journal Of Hiram Shaw Locations Guide


Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game that offers an engaging experience beyond mere combat. You’ll be immersed in various strategic tasks and may even face surprises. Abbay, the home of your beloved superhero, is an environment that demands exploration. As you wander through the Abbey Grounds, you will connect to the tragic and frightful events that unfolded during the Salem Witch Trials. As you dig deeper, you see that Hiram Shaw was connected to this harrowing incident through his church. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to locate all 12 pages of the Journal Of Hiram Shaw scattered throughout Midnight Suns.

Where To Find All the Pages Of the Journal Of Hiram Shaw

The Journal of Hiram Shaw consists of an impressive 12 pages. The two pages require “Word Of Power Open,” 4 pages require “Word Of Power Reveal,” and six pages require “Word Of Power Break.”

Word Of Power Open

Go deeper into the caves, and you will find two pages of the Journal Of Hiram Shaw.

Page #1 (October 12, 1688)

After taking a few steps from the Dreamer’s Descent fast travel point, you’ll arrive at the Unknown Grave eastside. Turn slightly to your right and ascend the hill. When you arrive, look around and discover the few things tucked into a crevice of the rock wall–a beautiful tapestry, an exquisite table, and comfortable chairs. There is no time to go and get the table before that table. There is a path on the left side.

You need more time to get to the table before that one, but there is a path on the left side. If you take it, you’ll arrive at a cave with a witch sign. As you venture further into the cave, take note of the table laden with books. What’s more, amongst these items lies an extraordinary artifact – a page from Hiram Shaw’s journal dated October 12, 1688!

Page #2 (December 4, 1688)

Now the mission is to locate the second page of that journal! You’ll find it in a cave just north of the Stone Terrace marker on your map. Proceed towards the east and then take the left path going up north. To get to your destination, take the western path until you come across a small cave with a witch sign. Head into the cave and find a mysterious barrel on the left-hand side. Inside lies an ancient Hiram Shaw journal page dated December 4, 1688.

Word Of Power Reveal

Go deeper into Shaw’s Church, and you will find four pages of the Journal Of Hiram Shaw.

Page #3 (July 21, 1689)

Hidden deep within a cave behind the church is Page Three of the mysterious Journal, dated January July 21, 1689. Nevertheless, you will not obtain this page unless you triumph over the “The Bell Tolls” story battle.

Page #4 (January 6, 1694)

Head into the back room to locate Page four of the journal, dated January 6, 1694. Once you enter, look to your left and spot it atop a table.

Page #5 (April 23, 1694)

Head into the back room to locate Page five of the journal dated April 23, 1694. Once you enter, look to your right and spot it atop a table.

Page #6 (August 2, 1694)

To uncover Page six of the Journal dated August 2, 1694, you must go to the church’s backyard. After arriving there, take a right turn and search for it under the wooden bridge.

Word Of Power Break

Go deeper into the Garden of Envy, and you will find six pages of the Journal Of Hiram Shaw.

Page #7 (April 16, 1689)

By leveraging the Fast-travel option, traverse to the Garden of Envy. Upon arrival, head due north and begin walking along this path which will soon take a turn eastward. As your journey progresses, you’ll be treated to an unbelievable sight – a large rock tumbling from its perch. To make it through, you have to use the Power Work Break. It will open the way and enable you to stay on track until reaching the bridge. When the path comes to an end, don’t give up. Keep moving towards the cliff face, and you will find a small pile of rocks with Hiram Shaw’s journal page from April 16, 1689.

Page #8 (November 24, 1689)

To traverse the situated wall northeast of The Shop, you must use the Power Word Break to shatter it. After making it through the Misty Moors, take a right. Follow the wall east until you stumble across a small table beside it. Upon inspection of this table, you will find Hiram Shaw’s journal page from November 21, 1694.

Page #9 (August 15, 1689)

At the northwest corner of Whispering Wood, you will find an obstruction that needs to be eliminated. Once done, follow the path until it splits – here, you must turn right and traverse a route leading toward your destination. As you take the correct path, a broken bridge awaits. Use your Power Word Reveal to repair it and pass through. Keep going until you stumble upon an altar located on the left side – with Hiram Shaw’s journal page dated August 15, 1689, right atop!

Page #10 (June 13, 1690)

To traverse the Whispering Wood’s northwest path, you must shatter its barrier with Power Word Break. Then, when the path is unobstructed, traverse it until you arrive at a stone altar surrounded by two benches – then turn right. On the top of the altar, you find the Hiram Shaw journal page from June 13, 1690.

Page #11 (July 26, 1692)

Use Power Word Break to break through the wall of The Shop and take the northeast path. Keep moving until you reach Misty Moors. Once there, take the immediate right towards the Garden of Envy. Locate the table on the right side of the road, and you’ll find a Hiram Shaw journal page from July 26, 1692.

Page #12 (November 21, 1694)

Follow the path to adventure by journeying south from Everflowing Glade towards Gideon’s Cross. As you make your way down the sloped path, you will eventually reach a crossroads with a statue on the left side. After you arrive, make a right turn and shatter the wall using Power Word Break. You’ll discover a Hiram Shaw journal page dated November 21, 1694, within.

You can recover all twelve pages of the Hiram Shaw journal from various locations throughout the Abbey. Best of luck on your journey!

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