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Midnight Suns Iron Man Skills and Abilities Guide


Iron Man is a powerful superhero with unparalleled skills and abilities. His most prominent ability is the Iron Man suit, which grants him superhuman strength, durability, and flight. He also has an advanced artificial intelligence system in the suit that can control other devices or manipulate technology. Additionally, he has many attacks at his disposal, like missiles, repulsors, and beams. No enemy stands a chance in the face of Iron Man’s formidable skills and abilities. In this guide, I will tell you everything about Iron Man, his skills, and abilities in the Midnight Suns.

The “Sanctum Symbiotum” mission from the Mirror Table is one of the first you’ll encounter in the game. You’ll need to unlock Blade, Doctor Strange, and Hunter before beginning it, but once you complete Sanctum Symbiotum, Iron Man will be available for your party.

Iron Man (Tony Stark) is a complete action-packed powerhouse that might take some time to set up. But once it’s set up, there is no distraction – only destruction from the deadly weapons inside the suit of Iron Man. If you plan to play as Iron Man, ensure you have enough heroism cards, as they will be necessary for Stark’s weaker cards.

After reaching a higher level in Iron Man, you will unlock more powerful attacks, like Air Superiority and Surgical Strike. With these new abilities, no target will be safe. In addition, Iron Man has its Redraw system, which allows him to add any buffs when he is redrawing them.

It is strategic to have Iron Man on your team because he requires time to charge himself, and without redrawing, his moves like Blast and Quick Blast won’t damage much. The characters like Doctor Strange make a deadly combo as it generates Heroism, which is helpful in battle.

No Name of the CardType of CardCard DescriptionHeroism Required
1Quick BlastQuick AttackQuick. Redraw to add Forceful0
2BlastAttackKnockback. Redraw to add Forceful0
3Leave it To MeBuffGain 2 Iron Man cards. Gain 2 Redraws. Gain 2 Fast0
4New PlanSupportDouble Your Current Heroism
5Mark TargetSupportApply 2 Marked and 2 Vulnerable0
6Precision(Heroic)BuffThe next Iron Man card played is not discarded. Free2
7Surgical Strike(Heroic)AttackChain X (one for each Iron Man card in hand)3
8Air Superiority(Heroic)AttackDamage every enemy. Redraw to add +29 damage4

That’s everything you need to know about Iron Man’s skills and abilities in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. If you wish to read more, here are some Midnight Suns guides you may like:

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