Ghost Rider is a powerful supernatural being appearing in Marvel Comics. He is the Spirit of Vengeance, usually depicted as either a skeletal figure or a humanoid with a flaming skull and bones. Ghost Rider has superhuman strength, durability, and reflexes, enabling him to outmatch most foes easily. At the cost of his health, he can single-handedly take down any opponent. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything about Ghost Rider, including his skills and abilities in the Midnight Suns.

After unlocking Captain Marvel and Blade, which are prerequisites of the mission “Faustian Bargain.” Upon completing this mission, you will have the Ghost Rider in your party. The Ghost Rider is a powerful being that can take down any enemy, whether alone or in a group. Unlike other beings, the Ghost Rider does not need to think twice about taking on multiple enemies at once. He can easily handle everything thrown his way.

The Ghost Rider’s attacks are powerful but will also drain his HP. Keep an eye on the HP monitor to ensure he doesn’t run out of health while taking down enemies. In addition, the Ghost Rider’s attacks can be health-draining, but it is useful and has self-healing abilities. For your safe side, you should take a healer with you. Lastly, once you master how to control the Ghost Rider’s health, nothing can stop you.

No Name of the CardType of CardCard DescriptionHeroism Required
1LashAttackForceful Knockback0
2HellmouthSupportCreate a Drop with an increased chance to KO enemies for 2 turns0
3ImmolateBuffEnemies KO’d by Ghost Rider will explode for 32 damage for the next two turns0
4Drain Soul(Heroic)AttackChain 2 x enemies. Lifesteal1
5Judgment(Heroic)AttackConsume 25% of Ghost Rider’s health to damage an enemy (2 per health). Also, damage everything nearby1
6Hellride(Heroic)AttackDamage each enemy in a line. Discard your hand.3
7Hell’s Fury(Heroic)AttackWhile in hand, this gains +33 damage the next time Ghost Rider is damaged by an attack or Ghost Rider ability1

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