Those seeking to obtain the second moon seal must find all four Midnight Suns’ elemental rods and return them to Agatha’s altar. The Abbey is a haven for heroes and houses valuable collectibles, including treasure!

The 4 Midnight Sun elemental rods are a treasure hunt hidden in various areas of the Abbey. However, If you’re looking to unlock every secret the mysterious boarding house outside of Salem has stored away, all these elemental rods must be put back in their actual spot.

When you reach Abbey grounds, everything looks fine from the outside. But trying to pass through is different – magical barriers prevent your entry! To break them and gain access, you must collect all moon seals. The second one can be found on Agatha’s altar. No worries, though: obtaining this seal requires gathering elemental rods and inserting them into the foundation!

All Four Elemental Rod Locations in Midnight Suns

As you must collect all elemental rods to access the moon seal, I have highlighted their whereabouts and discussed them in detail.

  • Air Rod
  • Earth Rod
  • Water Rod
  • Fire Rod

Air Rod Location

To locate the Air Rod, venture towards Agatha’s altar on your left side. Once you arrive, take a look around, and you’ll be able to spot a short set of stairs with the coveted Air Rod resting atop an impressive podium.

Earth Rod Location

To locate the Earth Rod, you must read Wanda’s journal about Hunters Tomb. This is because this location holds the exact spot where the rod can be found. However, you will require an Open Power Word to pass through its entrance door. Once there, lift it and obtain your sought-after Earth Rod!

Water Rod Location

When you arrive at the training area, a swimming pool is nearby. As soon as you get to the perimeter of it, observe the rock next to it and look for a water rod near the glyphs printed floor.

Fire Rod Location

To get your hands on the Fire Rod, make your way to Abbey’s chapel located at its southern tip.

That’s everything you need to know about finding all Midnight Suns Elemental Rods. If you want to read more about Midnight Suns, here are some suggestions:

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