Marvel’s Midnight Suns is an online collectible card game based on the Marvel Universe. The game’s goal is to build a powerful team of superheroes from across the Marvel multiverse. Players will battle their way through various scenarios using their decks of cards, collecting new character cards and special abilities along the way. With an ever-growing selection of characters, decks, and abilities to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG card game, so you must do more than smash heads. The Abbey holds secrets from the Hunters’ pasts and serves as their base camp. By exploring the areas surrounding the Abbey, you will come across different side quests. One of these quests is “Unknown Grave.” In this guide, I’ll tell how to Unknown Grave Mystery Solution And Doll Locations in Midnight Suns.

How To Solve The Unknown Grave in Midnight Suns

The first step to begin the Unknown Grave quest is by leaving the Abbey and venturing toward Hunter’s Folly. Once you reach it, take a left turn, and you will see a broken barrier that impedes your progress. Destroy the wall blocking your path and continue moving forward on the path northward. If you see a path heading east, follow it until you see a grave on the right side. The hint to reach the location is that you should go to the point where the map points to Dreamer’s Descent. After the “cutscene,” the quest will begin. You will see a grave for your father and a doll you made in the past. You need to find all three of the other dolls (which you also made) to complete this quest:

  1. Handmade Caretaker Doll
  2. Hunter Doll
  3. Handmade Lilith Doll

Doll Locations

The Handmade Caretaker Doll Location

There is a muddy path opposite the grave. Follow it until you reach an uphill, and after reaching there, you’ll see wooden decking. If you turn around, you will see a platform with a table to the right of it. The Handmade Caretaker Doll is placed on this said table.

Hunter Doll Location

To find the second doll, go back to Unknown Grave and head southeast uphill. You will see a broader path to the right, which you must take to reach your destination. Remember, it’s a dead path at that end, but you will find a table with chairs. The Hunter Doll is placed on this said table.

Handmade Lilith Doll Location

The last doll is waiting on the Northeast side. To get there, take the wide path from the unknown grave and follow it until you reach a wall. Destroy the wall using the Power Word, then continue following the path until you see Standing Stones alongside a small right-hand pathway. Do Not go up and stay on the minor pathway, which will take you towards an old play fort where you will find Handmade Lilith Doll inside.

After you have collected the three missing dolls, return to the grave where your journey started. Once you are back at the location, place the dolls on top of the grave and wait for the Caretaker to appear. He will act as though he is writing down some details. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive the following:

  • Epic Arcane Chest
  • Arcane Key
  • 10 Arcane Knowledge

That’s all you need to know to find all dolls in Midnight Suns. Need more help? Here are some more guides you may find helpful:

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